Is it possible for someone to use witchcraft to turn back time?

hi rose, i have a question, is it possible for someone to use witchcraft to turn back time???

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is so refreshing to get letters from people who really think and ponder about life and the workigns of the Universe! Your question is indeed an excellent one.
Let us consider what time is: Time as we know it, seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years are all artificially man-made numbers. For us humans, we need to know how long we have been at a place or how many hours we have been sleeping or how many hours we need to workd, etc, we have to consider “time” so that we can abide by rules, get to work on “time”, get home on “time” etc.
It may amaze you to hear that time is just an idea that some human came up with. Consider the change of hours in some countries that may take time back or forward depending on the time of the year or season changes. As we can see, time is something that humans manipulate as they wish.
As we learn more about spirituality, we realize that the Universe is much more complex that a calculation on seconds, minutes etc. In each country there are many types or styles of calendars and other time keeping mechanisms. Unfortunately, there are many places on Earth where people do not even have watches and live by the light of the day and sleep when the darkness sets in.
So what we know about time is really fuzzy. Although there are many books and manuscripts which mention “going back in time, most people who are aware spiritually tell us that everything is happening at the time of NOW. Another way of explaining this is that all of us who lived in this world, live now in this world as well as in the “future” are all living at this time, somewhere around the Universe.
This means that there is no way to “turn back” time, but there are ways to go into the “past” or “future” and see the way the life it was or will be in the future. Some people believe that everything that can happen has already happened and we are seeing it as short movies in our life.
As you learn more about the way time as we know it was created, you will realize that time is not really anything we can control.
Brightest Blessings.

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