Is it possible to attract women through magic?

i want to attracts womens through magic is it possible?

Merry Meet Seeker, Yes, of course. You can certainly meet anyone you want to using magical means. However, the union will be brief because you are breaking the laws of the Universe. It is better to find love without breaking any rules of the Universe so that you and your spouse can live happily everafter. When you attract people into your life through magick, you are basically “controlling” them. Your actions are causing them to behave in a way that they never intended. This means that you forced them to come into your life. And most witches know, all actions create reactions. If we work spells in a way that we help others, then we get the rewards of our good deeds. So here is a spell that you can do to attract women into your life. This spell will enable you to meet many women. However you cannot force them to be attracted to you. You can always talk to them and learn more about each other, establish friendships and go on from there. Figure Candle Spell For this spell, you will need two candles, one in the shape of a woman and the other in the shape of a man. Also get a bottle of “Come to me Lover” oil which is available online. If you cannot get the oil, just get a bottle of olive oil and label it as “Come to me Lover oil”. On a new Moon day, carve and dress the candles as you wish and place them, facing each other on opposite ends of a mirror. Light them for 9 minutes each day. Every night after that, dress the candles with an addiitonal drop of oil and move them a little closer to each other. When the full moon arrives, the candles should be touching each other. After you have worked this spell, allow it to go into the Universe. Soon you will see the results of your spell. Don’t rush into any decisions. Take your time and know that you will have many chances to meet women, get to know them and fall in love. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. monavera says:

    hi there my husband left me for 2 years with 3 kids for someone els ,his new girlfriend she is divorced with 2 kids ,i can’t still understand how his is able to live his kids,he is not calling them or see them for many months , i was dating him for 7 years before we got married and 12 years we live together and we have 3 beautiful kids ,for kids sake i will give him another chance ,but he looks ,he is not ready to come back ,because like he sad now i cant trust him anymore and his life with us can be worse ,because i know he was cheating on me …..he left us after i got him with another women …..can you give me any advice what to do i got you kit and cd before xmas ,but i never try any spell i so afraid ‘i’m not gonna be able to do so ……..i order to spells from spell caster but no results ….i don’t know what to do what is my destiny ,it is meant to be like that after 21 years i know him to leave me with 3 yang kids ,is very painful for me and my kids they suffer a lot , it is very hard for me to , i invest a lot for this family ,now to throw in garbage for good his life ,my life kids life i can’t accepted ..please help me not only for me for kids sake .. thank you in advance ……best regards …….v…..sorry for my english is my second language…

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