Is it possible to cast spells from a wand?

I was just wondering if you could cast spells from a wand, like many of the stories from history and from Harry Potter tell you. Are the stories about wizards conjuring fire with a flick of their wand true, or just something made up in history to scare or entertain the people? Are there offensive spells that disarm, or make things levitate?

Merry Meet Friend,
These are wonderful questions indeed! You have a very curious mind and that is very useful in this world. Asking questions is the first sign of knowledge.
Let me answer the first question. Spells are cast by people. It is the energy of the person who casts a spell that is used by the Universe to create that change. For example, if you want something with all your “heart and soul”, there is nothing that keeps you from getting it. There may be consequences to every action and if you really want something you can get it by pushing your intentions out into the energy that is around us and making it work for us. The only rule is that you harm no one in the process of finding happiness.
We know that it is our minds that do the work of changing our environment and creating new experiences. A wand is a natural object that has some energy in it that is the sum total of the energy used to make the wand. However, human beings are capable of charging the wand with much more powerful energy and using it to accomplish goals. So it is mainly the power of humans that make the spells work using the wand as a medium. A wand is used to direct our ENTIRE energy on ONE goal.
Now that we know that our energy is powerful and can change our reality (what happens around us) we can move on to the next step. Can we affect other energies in the world? Fire is a form of energy too and we can certainly affect it if we are experts in the science of magick.
Although many of the tricks in the movie Harry Potter are really difficult to achieve, such as changing a cat to a man and vice versa, it can be done. There are many powerful people in this world who can change (theirs or others) by working on it. However, it takes an average person a very long time and lots of hard work to effect physical change like that.
Our energies are extremely powerful and can create or change action objects. If you are intenested, watch the videos on UTube where they actuall move CDs without any tricks. Our mind can do wonders if taken in the right direction. Yes, it can also do a lot of damage if we take it in the negative direction.However, we get back what we put into the Universe. So smart witches are careful not to hurt others.
Hope this helps answer your questions.
Brightest Blessings.

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