Is it possible to do a spell without an external and internal space?

can i do a spell without external and internal space

Merry Meet Friend. Of course you can do a spell any which way you choose. What matters is how deeply and powerfully you will it to happen. Most of us work on spells because we wants some goal acheived. For any achievement of goals, there needs to be personal power that is raised in such a manner that our intentions become the drive that creates the desired outcome. In other words, it is our deepest dreams that become manifested. What do we mean by deepest dreams or intentions? It is the source of creativity that pours out of our inner being. This is indeed the inner sacred space we all talk about. Anybody can wish on a birthday cake. How many of us actually see that dream to fruition? The big difference in the results stems from the fact that those who were earnest worked the spell from the most sacred part of our being, our spirit. When we go into our inner or internal space, we are alone with our thoughts; we can actually “hear the silence”. We can concentrate more deeply and for a longer time. Outer distractions melt away when we go into our inner space. This space is found only when our mind is still. That is why people are encouraged to meditate before workign spells. For the expert witches, this is not an issue because most of them are always within reach of their inner space. For others who are busy with daily activities or conflicts, it may take some time to reach that internal space. When we do reach that space, we will realize how still life has become. In that stillness, creativity is born. With practice and patience, most of us can reach that beautiful space from which our creations are boundless, free and magickal. It may come to a point where you may not even have to think of “going into that internal space” for in an instant, you will be there! Hope this helps you understand why the Internal Space is important in Spell Casting. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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