Is it possible to do improbable things with magick?

I need to know really can magick bend reality for example say i am a female spirt and i want to use magick to make my self a female could i do that or is magick for the small coincedental things like finding money on the street or all i want to know is can something that is highly improbable be done with this magick and if so how because in my case belief would have to be not just in the caster’s mind and heart but in the people around him or her please send me a response asap and post this on the site if you have to but I would like to keep this private but i guess i trust your other users P.S. please be on IMVU more i want to chat with you and be your friend because your belief in magick matches mine

Greetings. From your question, it is clear that you have been thinking about your magickal powers a lot. As you already know, the more keenly you can sense emotion, the more your magickal powers will be. Psychics have known this for years. They sense events, places and experiences with their spirit rather than their logical brains. As most of us know, magick is a source of power. It may be used for beneficial reasons or evil reasons. However, we have to believe in it and use our minds as well as our spirit to push our intentions into the Cosmos and make things happen. What happens if your spirit believes and your mind does not? Then, you create a negative environment which decreases the power of the magick you could have created. Only by aligning your belief with all of your powers (mental, physical and psychological) will you be able to actually make your wishes happen. On the other hand, if your mind says, “Hey, this is improbable”, then you have already created negativity in your wish which will pull back your intention or negate it. In this case, your power is diminished and your intention may not be pushed into the Universe with as much power as it would have been if all of your powers were in the same track and in the same direction. It is always good to clearnly think of your intentions and focus on it before working any spell. That is why we encourage people to take a nice, long bath and light candles, meditate for a while, read spiritual books, etc before working any spells. This removes any negative energies surrounding our life and home and takes us to a calm, peaceful, hopeful state of mind from which we can launch all our dreams and make them happen. There are many people who pooh-pooh Magickal powers. However, if they think back to the successes in their life and how they have achieved them, they will come to the conclusion that at every instance, they have believed that success is imminent and PROBABLE and pushed forth with gusto to attain that goal.To summarize, you can create whatever it is that you believe in. Hope this answers your question. Bright Blessings!

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