Is it possible to turn Wiccan at 15?

Hello ^__^ ! I’m 15 and I have been hearing a lot about Wicca and witch craft. And I was wondering if it’s possible to just turn wiccan or be a witch ?

Merry Meet ^_^ It is wonderful to hear from a 15 year old. This is an age when you are poised on the threshold of adulthood.It is an amazing time of growth and increasing challenges to overcome. High school, preparing for exams, graduation and on to college. And you are a person with a good head on your shoulders,I believe. To answer your question: Of course you may become a Wiccan practitioner at any time. However, it is smart to wait until you are an adult (18 years or higher in most countries) so that your parents won’t have too many worries about your change of religion. Some people were raised to beleive that there was something wrong with witchcraft. However, witchcraft was the earliest religion in the world. All other religions we have heard of came later. It used to be called paganism or the country way of life. In pagan religions, there is no fancy-shmancy buildings and not many rules. There is no FEAR factor at all as in other religions. After all, FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. All of us are born with magick in ourselves. Children are the best witches. How they believe in the beauty of animals and birds. They could gaze at a flower for a long time. Why is the sky blue? What makes the water green? So many questions – eager minds bursting with joy and magick. Unfortunately, some thing happens when they grow up. The adults tell them what is possible and what is not possible. And they believe it. And there goes the magick from their lives! Sad, isn’t it? Anyone can bring back the magick and go back to being the “being” that they were at birth. A bundle of love, curiosity and belief. Don’t let anyone take away that magick from your life. Read all about Wicca and what it stands for so that you can answer some of the questions you may get when you change religions. Talk to your parents lovingly and tell them that you do respect all religions.Make sure that you keep your family in the loop. This way, they can gain some understanding about the beautiful world of Wicca. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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