Is Magick a myth?

i am confused and doubtful about the presence of mysterious power of magic. this doubt arised when i tried a spell to bring 3 beautiful ladies (spirit) at night. i did everything as it was mentioned but it was in vain. it was confusing and disappointing and i start thinking that black magic a myth and not a fact. so can i get any idea from you about this issue. Thnaks

Greetings! When you learn a new task, do you become an expert at it immediately? It takes a lot of practice, belief and repetitions to make us better at anything we learn. This applies to learning, music, dancing, playing an instrument, cooking, eating, etc. Yes, before you started eating so well, you messed up really badly :) drooling and wasting food and putting it all on your hair rather than in your mouth (as a child!) :) So learning anything takes a lot of patience and practice. The same rule applies to Magick. The violin maestro that you see in a symphony may have spent hundreds of hours practicing before they won worldwide acclaim. Similarly, magick come natural to us, but we will require a lot of practice to become experts at it. Hours and hours or concentration, visualization and expectation (believing that the result is immediate). Doubts negate our beliefs and cause negative results. If after one spell, you are doubtful about Magick, then I am not sure if you have the patience to become good at it. If you really have a desire to succeed in magick or anything else, be prepared to do spells over and over again. I can guarantee that you will get better every day. As we are all different human beings, try not to compare your successes with anyone else’s. Each of us will develop at our own pace. Hope this helps you and makes you more determined to become a witch. Brightest Blessings!

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