Is Meditation is the key to spiritual success?

Hi Rose, I was told that meditation is also the key to any spiritual access, like witchcraft, spells etc. Is that true? Because I was doing meditation for the past 6 months, if I am doing it wrongly then please guide me, because I have tried all spells but it didn’t work… Thanks, Randall

Merry Meet Randall,
Meditation helps to calm down the mind. Usually our mind is racing miles a minute. This type of thinking usually does not create. We are constantly worried about something or naturally engrossed in some other ritual that doesn’t need our concentration such as eating, working, etc. When we have to work on something we have never attempted before, our senses are sharper and our concentration more focused. This is the path leading to meditation. Meditation is the way we focus our mind. Although there are many types of meditation, the goal here is to calm our mind and allow it to rest instead of filling our heads with nonsensical facts.
I am not sure what type of meditation you were doing for the past six months. However, if you think that it didn’t help you, you may try other types of meditation. When you learn meditation the correct way, you will find it easy to quickly change from a mind filled with fleeting thoughts to a mind that is calm like a remote pond with no disturbances. A thought is like a ripple in the water that becomes bigger an bigger until it reaches the length and breadth of the entire pond. Now it takes a while to get the water back to its calm state. The calm state of our mind is achieved through many forms of meditation. Each person may find it necessary to try a few types of meditation before he finds a perfect one. It is like traveling to any destination; some people like to travel in cars, some in buses, others on foot. Regardless of all the modes of travel, the destination is the same.
So do try to learn to conquer and control your mind that goes after all our senses and can be easily stirred. When our mind is strong and stable, it is easy to create too.
Brightest Blessings

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