Is predicting the future connected to Witchcraft?

I have always been able to predict the future along with at points in time reading people’s minds. Sometimes if I concentrate hard enough I can see a color around the people I am looking at. I am from the Christian faith but I was curious if there was any way I could be a blood witch or any witch for that matter.

Merry Meet. I am glad you asked this question. Many times I am asked if doing this or that naturally means we are witches or not. Actually, witchcraft is a choice. There are many witches who can read people’s minds and there are many witches who cannot do so. The more spiritual we are (regardless of what religion we follow), the more psychic strengths we have. Psychics have a keen sense of the past, the present and the future. All human beings are psychic. However, many of us have to practice and keep up our interest in psychic phenomena to be able to maintain that ability. We can actually train our mind to be more psychic. We can create our own future by just envisioning it. We can also contribute to the future events in other people’s lives by keen and in-depth visualization. Spells are nothing but intense visualization and intention. The color you see around people is their aura. If you practice reading auras, you will be able to understand whether the person is calm, angry, sick, at peace, etc. I hope you understand that these are special abilities (or blessings) that you have as a human being. A witch is a person who believes that the Universe provides for us in every way. Our only goal is to preserve and nurture the environment and help all human beings to accomplish what they came to the Earth for. Witches may be psychic and may have other powers, but their main goal is to help others and live a simple life living off the Earth’s limited resources. If you want to be a witch, you have to make that decision. No one can make you a witch. Hope this helps answer your question and puts your mind to rest. Relax, enjoy and celebrate your strengths and help as many people as you can no matter what religion you follow. Blessed Be.

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