Is there a difference between Wicca and Magick?

I been into doing spells for years, what is the difference between Wicca and Magick?

Wicca is often described as a magickal religion, but not as magic. Bascially, Wicca is a religion although people who adhere to these beliefs sometimes can themselves witches. Wiccans may worship a Goddess or Gad and they observe the eight Sabbats of the year and they have a strict code of ethics that Wiccans are expected to follow.

Wiccas include a form of witchcraft and rituals in their practices. These include casting spells, herbalism, divination and other forms of magic. However, remember that Wiccan ethics require that all magic activities be used for good purposes. There are different thoughts about whether Wicca is a religious form of witchcraft or if it is a religion which only includes witchcraft, so I won’t debate that here.

Most Wiccans practice magic, but some do not. Many Wiccans call themselves Pagans although that term encompasses many faiths which have nothing to Wicca.

Now to define magic, which I hope will show the differences. Magic can be defined in many ways. The method can be trickery, or it may be paranormal. But, you can define magic in terms of the effect. Of course, that becomes very complicated. When you aren’t sure about the cause, you have to guess about the cause. This also leaves room for your own prejudices to enter the picture. The actual magic is in the effect, which any magician will tell you. It is about the effect, not how it’s done. That’s the puzzle. Magic is when something happened that should be impossible.

It seems it is easier to say that Wicca is a religious and lifestyles which can incorporate magic but not the same thing as magic.

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