Is there a negative spirit in my life?

hey dear Rose my name is Mohamed, im 19 years old from egypt asking about if there is harm magic in my life or bad spirit(demon) and asking about my future? in the end thak you verey much Rose

Merry Meet Mohamed. Egypt is a wonderful place where the origins of Magick were first celebrated and documented. I understand from your message that you are worried about someone wishing harmful intentions on you. I will give you a spell that will help you get rid of any such evil magic that may be affecting you. As for your future, only you can decide that. It is your dreams, intentions and visualizations that will get you where you want to go. Do not feel that you cannot control your destiny. Of course you can! Believe it, work on it and Live your best life! Here is the spell I promised: Salt Hex-Breaker Spell This spell will remove any curse, hex or other negative spell that anyone may have worked on you. After you have worked this spell, do not worry about any such negative happenings and always focus on your bright future! For this spell, you will need a bar of soap, a drill, three wicks and a quarter cup of fine salt. This can be a soap made of olive oil, pure castile or any herbal soap containing the herb sage. All of these items have powerful properties that will erase any negative energies that are surrounding you. If you can, get a soap that is made with Uncrossing Oil or Protection Oil. First place the soap flat of a wooden or concrete base. Drill three holes in it, making sure that the holes do NOT go all the way down to the other side. Pour any oil into each hole. Add a cotton wick to each of the holes and sprinkle fine salt over the soap. Sit down by the altar or any private place where you can meditate on your intentions. Light each wick while chanting: The hex is broken The curse is lifted I am lucky, happy and healthy I am free from all evil. Allow the wicks to burn out while you sit in meditation. Dispose of the leftover soap by wrapping it up and allowing it to move away from you in running water. Do not use the soap for washing. Now that you are free from all negative energies, you can focus on a happy, healthy and prosperous life. Brightest Blessings Rose.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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