Is there a separate world of Wicca?

I want you to ask that is there a separate world of Wicca?

Merry Meet Seeker,
The world of Wicca is the world that we see. No, there is no separation between our Universe or the Wicca Universe. All of us are born into this Universe. This includes the tiny organisms, fish and other animals, our solar systems, planets, and humans included.
Wicca is using the inherent powers of our spirit to create our life. Many relgions who wish to control the masses will not allow the people to know that they are magickal. So you will find many people who are part of these religions discouraging others to think for themselves.
Wicca is the way by which a human being can be completely free in this world without the threat of imaginary Satans and other horrible threats.
Wicca enables each and every living thing (remember that animals are also spiritual) to create what they wish. It is up to us, the caretakers of this Universs to take care of this amazing planet as well as other celestial bodies we may visit. A hundred years ago, no one would have beleived that humans would go to the Moon. However, it was the power and visualization of the group of scientists that made it a reality.
So live in this beautifu world and practice Wicca with all of your capabiilities. There is nothing more powerful in this Universe other than our mind. With a regular practice of meditation, we can stregthen our mind to the point where all of our visualizations create immediately!
Brightest Blessings

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