Is there a spell for getting revenge?

rosa im having a lot of problems with like getting my
revenge on certain people do you have any spells for
that type of stuff please help me………

Wicca is not the religion for you if you are looking for a revenge spell.

Revenge is concept contrary to the Wiccan Rede and likely to end up with you facing more difficulties. An important part of the Rede is the rule of three:whatever you do, it will come back to you three times over.

So, by plotting revenge on someone, you are inviting pain into your life and inviting things to be three times as bad for you as they are for the person who already hurt you. Instead, pray for peace and try to center yourself with whatever rituals are best for you. Personally, I like to clear my mind and center myself by imaging my troubles as bubbles that float away as I exhale.

It sounds kind of goofy, but after I spend five minutes centering myself, i find it much more difficult to be angry and I can be much more forgiving.

Now, don’t think that the Universe is going to leave you high and dry. karma, or justice, ro whatever you want to call it, happens. You can trust that the person who wronged you will get what they deserve. You just shouldn’t take an active part in making it happen.

Trust in the Unvierse to take care of you and remember that whatever you do will come back to you in triplicate. You may even want to try being extra nice to the person that hurt you. Not only does it put good energy into the Universe to come back to you, but it also drives your enemies crazy when you treat them better than they deserve. They can never figure out why you are being so nice and they can’t even tell people how horrible you are, because you aren’t.

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  1. Norma Harris says:

    Is there an anti-bullying spell, something that would get teasing and curel jokes to stop. when no one listens

  2. Anna says:

    Hi Rose,

    I have a very complicated situation here, was wondering if you could help advise the best way out.
    I been in love with my bestfriend for almost 8 years now, during that 8 years there been ups and down for us, well especialy me..i had to watch her date another guy over an over again..I lover her so much and i will do any to keep her to myself…but she doesnt feel the same way, we date and we got ourself in relationship but she also want to be with another guy..i have been put up for a very long time now…until i have enough, i swear to myself so many time to let her go completely..but something telling me she will need me once she over her fun…i love her too much to let her suffer so i end up going back with her..but this process has been repeated..i don’t know why i can’t let her go even though i know that this is the person who she is…sometime i dont even mine if she have another person in her life as long we still see each other, i dont mine taking care of her at all, i can cook, clean anything for not sure if this is what you call obbession or im just used to be around her, that i will except everything…finally this year thing has change alot..she now meet someone who exactually make her really happy..base on what she told me she really like him…once again i got myself broken…i got so frustrate that i actually make the worst mistake anyone could do..purchase a love spell on line to bring her back, instead the spirtual created by the spell has turn Jessica away from me, and now my caster is asking for money to do the cleansing spell and recast the love spell again, but i did not agreed to pay for the cleansing spell.basically the spell still pending for payment…thinking if she really have the power to help people why did she fail to cast the spell from the very beginning.. its been almost 5 month and we still srugging to keep our relationship. we argude even more about stupid stuff now.
    I know for a fact that she will never return to me…but the funny thing is that she like me and her new boyfriend at the same time..she can’t let me go as well as her new boyfriend..but i told her that i dont want to share its not good for three of us…she knew that she have to choice…she decided to stay with her new boyfriend and let me go even though we been together for so long…she want new experience and now that she find it she let me go…but she also said that once she broke up with her boyfriend she will look for me and promised to stay with me forever, let her have this one last experience…not only i agreed with her i basically sacrfy my happiness for her..yet she still cant see what i’ve done for her…so how can i let go with out even feeling not happy, i keep thinking its a waste to thow away such long i got really tired and i actualy look for spell to broke them up so she can be back with me…but after reading your newletter i was touch realise that my love has die and i can not bring it back..i will need to learnt to moved on and except the fact that she is with someone else..if she happy then im happy…Honestly admit to you that i am still not over her completely..something inside tell me that she will need me again, i must stay around when that time comes…at the same time i say to myself why dont i wake up and see the real world may be she just using my money..Rose to be honest with you i never lay my hand on her, alway buy her present and cook and clean for her, i never treat myself with anything..i have alway put her first…but still she let me go…i just want to run away,i wanted to hate her so i can moved on..but everytime i stop talking to her go away for a week or two i would missed her crazy..and do anything just to see her again..i dont want to be this person anymore i just want everything to be back to normal….I dont know what, and i dont know why im holding on..and why cant i let her go with out feeling lonely and feel as though my arms and legs has been cut off when she be honest i dont want to revenage or force her free will, i just want her to love me for me again..but if it meant that me and her are not meant to be…then i will have to walk away happy without harming other people..But i need your help get me out off this messy situation…i cry almost evrynight for 5 months…Rose, i truely love her with all my heart and she will alway have a place in me…i hope the strong love i had for her will make her realise soon and come back to me completely..


  3. Lorraine says:

    Hello Rose;

    I’m going through a rough time. I have a court case coming and because of a dishonest contractor I can lose my home.
    Is there any spell to help me win my court case?

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