Is there a spell or ritual to switch bodies?

um im new and i was wondering are there any spells or rituals to switch bodies

It was done in “Freaky Friday” as well as on that great anime classic “Dragonball Z,” but I’m afraid that body-switching spells are fiction, pure and simple.  Since we choose to use only white magick, there are no spells or rituals in Wicca for this, although there are those who would argue that black magick and voodoo have them.  There are also people who feel that body switching may be accomplished through astral projection, if both parties are willing and have spent years binding themselves to one another.  I suppose my biggest question would be…Why? 

The Wiccan Rede states, “An it Harm None, do what Ye will.”  So, before I take any action at all, magickal or mundane, I need to consider all possible outcomes, and make sure that they are beneficial and good.  I also need to look inside myself, look to my motives to make certain that whatever action I’m considering is not selfish.  I do not believe that, with body switching, the answer to either question would be “yes.”

Personally, I would think that no matter how much one had prepared for the experience, there would be a tremendous psychic shock involved in suddenly looking at one’s physical body through a different individual’s eyes.  And what if, after switching, one could not switch back?  What profound harm would I have caused, merely for curiosity’s sake?

No, friend…even if it were possible, the answer is no.

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  1. crayola says:

    may i ask who asked this question?

  2. lexi says:

    is it possible for me and my friend to switch bodys ? if so what is the spell ?
    thankss ;


  3. Bodyswapper says:

    It’s really quite simple to switch bodies. I’ve done it dozens of times myself and I’m happy to provide others with the formula. All you have to do is gather the proper alchemical ingredients and then perform the ritual at the proper time. The hardest part is waiting for a “Great Conjunction” of the planets Jupiter and Saturn. Once you have that (I’ve found that midnight through roughly three a.m. Greenwich time works best), mix together your ingredients in a solution of equal parts salt water and grain alcohol. All you need to add is a tiny sliver from a painite gem (a brownish-red crystal similar to topaz), a small pinch of iridium dust (a silvery-white powder), a single petal from the “Casearia quinduensis” plant (you’ll recognize it by the bright yellow flowers) … oh and then you need just a hair or two from a couple animals: the Puerto Rican Flower Bat and the Yukon Wild Ass work best, so hopefully you can obtain these. Again, you don’t need more than a tiny bit of each of these ingredients. But I wouldn’t recommend making any substitutions. Now, at the height of the Great Conjunction, you and your target each drink precisely half the liquid (I recommend dividing these up into equal cups early). Because this is an ancient Catawba ritual, you need to speak the verbal components of the spell in Catawban. Just translate the following into Catawban (and do your best with pronunciation): “Come betwixt us, good body swap, my fits waint. Swits and spurs, twits and splurts, or I’ll cry a nitch! Nay, if our wits run the winding greasey cheese, I am done; for thou hast more of the wild noose in one of thy witches than, I am sure, I have in my holy five.” … There! That’s all there is too it. You’ll quickly change bodies with whomever you wish! I can vouch for this method myself, as I’ve tried it personally (with great success) dozens of times over the years.

  4. shafiq says:

    what is the spell to make me switch bodies with another person?

  5. jane says:

    im trying to switch bodies with mmy bff selena gomez no im not demi im just her other friend so if you may me and her will like to see how it is to be eachother for onse please give us the spell.please and thank you.

    love,jane and selena

  6. Kate says:

    Hi All

    Can somebody help send me the spell how to swtich bodies. if possible one who have sucessfully wstich body before please contact me on my email. [email protected]

    Thank you so much

  7. John says:

    I have to say that I disagree. Some strange things have been happening to me and my girlfriend lately. There have been times that she has blacked out, or something close to that nature. However, I witness her being fully awake and aware.. Yet different. The name of my ex has been appearing on some of my possessions, in my room, on my car and so on. But the strangest thing is that I believe it is her who is doing this to my current girlfriend. All I want to know is, how do I stop it when it is occurring?

  8. Michael says:

    Your problem could be demonic. It would explian the black outs with changes to the personality. If you want it to stop just say in the name of Jesus Christ I command all evil spirits to leave. You may want to add that you forbide them from returning. You shouldn’t have to be religious for this to work I’m just trying to help resolve your problem.

  9. dakota says:

    Can someone please email me the body swap spell at [email protected]

  10. Autumn says:

    Can someone please send me the most effective spell to switch bodies with my boyfriend? My email is [email protected]
    Thank you in advance

  11. aditya says:

    what is the spell to make me switch bodies with another person?

  12. aditya says:

    what is the spell to make us switch bodies with another person?

  13. sierra says:

    some people are right about it it can be done if you try

  14. Fionnlagh Dunbar says:

    me as well i’d like to know the spell

  15. Lewis says:

    Jane i will be willing to with u and Selena add me on yahoo lewis_brennan or msn [email protected]

  16. Jessica says:

    My boyfriend and I would like to know what it is like to be eachother, if someone has a spell to do that please email it and all the things needed for it. [email protected]

  17. fayfay says:

    plz teel me if u have a spell case me and mi bff hannah montanna want to swich lives plz thx bye ohh ya email [email protected]

  18. Shane says:

    Please email me the body swap spell
    [email protected]

  19. fayfay says:


  20. Jotham says:

    If you have spell send to [email protected] please

  21. chris says:

    can u please send the spell to me to [email protected]

  22. Reyhan Rizaldi says:

    please tell me if you have send me the most effective spell to switch bodies..please

  23. jolina says:

    hey i was wondering if some 1 could tell me the ingredients that you need to switch bodies n the spell pleez thanx you could send it 2 my yahoo [email protected]

  24. Egiite says:

    Can somebody tell me spell witch help me switch body with my boyfriend? My email is [email protected]

  25. lori says:

    I know this sounds insane. I have a problem, its been sort of happening since i have been with my boyfriend, or basicly since my divorce. My children are different. Its been one at a time. Is it possible that someone could be swapping my children with other people? I feel totally stupid on asking this. Sometimes, like I can hear them say “mom”, and they arent here, they could be in school or whereever. I remember when i was first with him, I heard my two older children hollaring my name, outside of the house, I went down to check on them, they were fine. But I actually heard them.
    My youngest is acting very strange. He has had demons after him, we have a pic of the one. I dont know what is going on, but I want it to stop. Is there anyway to make this stop and protect my children?

  26. David S. says:

    Hi, I’ve written a manuscript entailing how to exchange physical vessels by means of combining sorcery and astral projection techniques.

    For quite some time now, I’ve been patiently waiting to meet the right person for this. Though I’ve met lots of women and men who have offered to switch with me over the years thirteen years or so, but I just wasn’t ready at those times.

    If have experiences to share with me, or if you are interested in meeting another person switch with, then please either email me or contact me through my group of 147 members.

    My mind remains quite open, yet I rush not.

    Here is a copy of my group url:

    If you wish you may join!

    Proof that the physical body is merely a temporary vehicle is clearly evident:
    Astral projection/ out of body/ OOB experiences or disembodied states-
    NDE’s or (near d e a t h experiences) relating to disembodied states-
    Reincarnation/ metempsychosis and past life regression-
    Immortality of spirit-
    Spiritual channeling-
    Spiritual possessions-
    Walk-in phenomena-
    Xenoglossy/ glossalia-

    Our group aim involves the unification of practitioners who wish to experiment with exchanging physical bodies through the combined application of astral projection and sorcery techniques. Adequate astral projection experience is specifically recommended; study, experiment with, and build upon the formulas that are provided here. During an astral merge, two practitioners can exchange/absorb lifelines and cross-thread spiritual-consciousness principles between vehicles. If you wish to commence in switching vehicles, then we strongly suggest that you partake in an honest, mutual agreement with whomever you will to engage with; (trade bodies) (trade lives) (trade vessels) (switch bodies) (switch minds) (switch vehicles) (exchange bodies) (exchange vessels) (swap bodies) (mind swap) (body swap) (swap minds) (body swapping) (body switching) (soul transference) (vehicle transference).

    Thanks for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon!

  27. Xander says:

    Maybe this link will help, it’s not exactly a magical spell or even an ethical spell but more of a meditation practice.

  28. BOB says:

    wow people waste your lives away asking this question but it wont work just give up send me a spell and ill try it and none will work send it to [email protected] yeah i dare u

  29. Alex says:

    Send me the spell please @ [email protected].

  30. miguel says:

    i been wanting to switch body with a hot a guy.i just want to feel how it feels being a hot girl.if anybody has a perfect spell to do this please email it to [email protected] for your kindness

  31. Daughter of the MOST HIGH says:

    I hope you guys know that the word of GOD speaks against such things. it is of the kingdom of darkness. why do you want to change who you are?? I am a victim of these things. A woman I called my friend paid a witchdoctor to be me. She wanted to do things like me so he swapped our personalities through our soul/spirit so basically he gave her my qualities n he gave me hers n I can tell you that I completely changed from how I act,talk, dress, think .everything about me changed. I use to be very intelligent n now I have been dumb n the woman has been very intelligent. She use to be a tomb boy but now she is so girly. Now I’m a tomb boy but it is not who I am… I want God to transform me back to normal.{RESTORATION} I am going with a church to have an encounter with GOD where he will deliver me from this nightmare. I just want to be ME.. Spells are demonic. not of GOD. BE VERY CAREFUL with what you engage in for the consequences are great.STAY AWAY FROM THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS…Do not perform spells for you are entering into COVENANT with the devil. I am talking from experience.

  32. Aphazel says:

    @ Daughter of the Most High: STOP WITH THE WITCH HUNT!!!!!! Spells are not a pact with the devil nor against God at all. Actually if you read carefully in Genesis you will find that humans were given way more abilities than we have today. When Eve took a bite of the apple and then talked Adam into it we lost these gifts along with our relationship with animals and also our immortality. The only thing that can truly be said about the alignment of spells is INTENTION, INTENTION, INTENTION! If someone will be or must be hurt, either with the outcome or the casting/ritual than yes the spell and the magic is evil; but if all involved are helped and no living person or animal is harmed by the outcome or casting/ritual than no the spell is not evil. If you want to accuse someone of making a pact with the devil, then I suggest you point your finger at a Luciferian and and not a practitioner of the occult. Oh and btw, make sure you don’t show true ignorance by yelling at a Satanist, for Anton LaVey did not believe in nor preach the existence of Satan, but used him as a focal point of the craft he mastered as a scape goat.

    Basically Christianity has a very strong history of blaming everything that it does not except on the devil. Thus, the Salem Witch Trials, The Spanish Inquisition, The Crusades, and every other atrocity they committed in the name of their peaceful, loving, forgiving God.

  33. Aphazel says:

    Sorry that was supposed to be accept not except in the last paragraph. D*** spell check!

  34. kody says:

    Me and my gf want to switch bodies because we feel it would bring us close together. Could you please send me a spell to do this? [email protected]

  35. Pinksoda says:

    Switch bodies can be white magic. Magic is only white or black depends on the way you use it.
    You could see a killer get shot by a cop and heal the killer and no one ells By you healing the killer to help them so they could kill more. your healing would be considered as black magic.
    Switch bodies can be used to heal people. what about people that are the wrong gender.
    they could find a wiling partner to switch with. Why put someone on death row and have them killed. you could have them switch with the body of someone that is dyeing or deformation, you know they would be willing to be in a deformed body over death. The deformed person and the con would be happy.

  36. ken says:


    is there someone who knows how to get out of binding spell….which is done to harm someone physically to such a level that it would be unbearable.

    Does someone know how to get out of it. Life is hell.


  37. Zahia wannabe says:

    I have been searching for a while now, and would love to know if there is a ritual to be reincarnated as someone you really desire, there is this girl I really want to be :)

  38. S.I.M.S.E.E.G.I.M.G.E.E says:

    don’t body jump christain wiccans- it’s not categorical sound- not moral- read faust stupid witch

  39. Isaac says:

    This is very interesting. Can everyone who knows of a working method Plz send it to [email protected]

  40. Justin says:

    I switched bodies with Justin bieber

  41. Ethan says:

    hey u do know that if body swaping was real we would have a hard time keeping movie stars and people like that u dont see on the news that katy perry is now some geoerge guy from italy it just doesnt happen.

    now if any of u think u have an easy spell that u know works try sending it to me and ill prove it fake and come back to tell u.

    my email is [email protected]

  42. bill says:

    actually this black girl I met on CL switched places with my white wife. She to totally became her completely.

    People sometimes laugh and always say my wife has some soul in her..if they only knew.

    Her family and friends notice that she dresses differently and she likes rap and jazz now.

    But i could not be happier…and my old wife switched into the black girl body, she is hooked up with some guy living in the projects. she calls my wife once in awhile asking to switch back…my wife always says no.

  43. Miles says:

    I’ve switched, I used to be a a-hole and now I’m just anoying.

  44. Jane Mink says:

    We know these two guys that were two completely different and are best friends. Over the summer something changed and we have no idea what. when they came back to school they were both completely like the other. We are more than convinced that they have switched bodies, do you think that it is possible?

  45. fantastic submit, very informative. I’m wondering why the opposite experts of this sector do not understand this. You must continue your writing. I am sure, you have a huge readers’ base already!

  46. Austin says:

    If anyone knows how 2 seitch bodies, please tell me because me & my uncle would like 2 switch for a montg or 2 so he could be 13 & i could be 28.

  47. Dreamer says:

    The answer may be “no” for you, but for those of us who want another chance at life the answer is always “yes”. I’m willing to go the distance and figure out how to commandeer another younger body. One that is possibly under the age of ten. You could say that this is wrong, that I made my bed and that I should lay in it, that I should possibly wait to be reincarnated and then make better choices. But there are so many problems with that. A. I have no intentions of laying in my bed, because for the most part I’m selfish. Unless it involves my mother, my brother, my maternal grandparents or one of my *close* friends then I’m not interested in another person’s plights. If they were idiotic enough to leave their body through sleep or astral projection, then I should be able to claim it as my own. B. My “bed” is a royal mess. I am twenty-four years old, turning twenty-five on December 15th. I never completed high school, deciding to foolishly drop out when I was in the ninth grade. I live at home with my mother and have never had a job of my own. Not one that wasn’t given to me by my grandfather or my brother. My mother won’t allow me to have my social security card, even though that is somewhat illegal. Though I can’t entirely fight her for it, because she’s my mother. So as you see it is a complete mess. C. Commandeering someone else’s body would give me a new lease on life. I would be able to attend all grades again, from grammar school to high school. This time I would graduate and go to college, where I would take courses on creative writing. I would become a world famous novelist and get the attention that I so rightly deserve. D. This is the most important part. I will not wait to be reincarnated, because then I will no longer be myself. I will be someone completely different and that honestly scares me. I will not remember my mother, my grandparents, my brother or anyone that I held dear to my heart. If I do it this way, if I commandeer someone else’s body then I will still belong to the same family. I will still have my own memories and I will have another chance at life. The person whom’s body I commandeer can simply find another one to reincarnate. They’re probably an older and smarter soul than I anyway, so why not let me have their body and let them find another?

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