Is there a spell to deal with loss or death?

I lost my dog a few days ago. He was hit by a car, and I tried to save him but he died at the vet 3 minutes away. I would like to get help on trying to live with his loss.

My heart goes out to your loss. You did everything you could. There is a very powerful spell for helping pets let go and cross over if they have been hit by a car and die at the scene. Often they don’t know that they’ve died and this spell helps them move on. With your story, it sounds like this isn’t the case. You stayed with your friend, took them to the vet, and where probably with them when they died. You’ve helped all you can. in time you will understand, if you see no evidence that your dog stayed behind ( hearing their collar jingle, feeling them on the foot of your bed, etc.) you can be assured that your dog has moved on and is happy. If you do see or hear anything, go back to the place where the dog was hit and talk to where they died, telling them how much fun you had with them and that its okay for them to move on. Blessed be.

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