Is there a spell to lose weight?

“is there a spell to lose weight? do you have to be a “”true”” practitionar of wicca to do it?”

In your question, you actually asked two things, so i am going to start with the second one first.

You asked, ” Do you have to be a true practitioners of Wicca to do it {a weight-loss spell]?”  I’m not sure what you mean by true practitioner, but the short answer is YES!

If you do not follow the religion, you have no business messing with spells! Let me say that again–if you do not believe and follow the wiccan tenets, stay away from spells!

It’s like a non-Catholic praying to St. Jude for healing. You don’t know why you are praying to St. Jude, you might be doing it wrong and you might not be praying for the right things.

Spells are not toys or fun little party games. If you believe and follow the faith, then spells can assist you with some tasks, but if you are an outsider, attempting to cast a spell without training or guidance is much like spitting in the face of those who do believe.

That said, I’m still not sure what you mean by true practitioner. The Faith does not require a mandatory set of actions, only that you believe and follow the Wiccan Rede. Other rituals and parts of the Faith are meant to enrich yourself personally and do not make you any “truer” of a practitioner of Wicca.

As to your first question, I am sure that somewhere, someone has cast a spell designed to help them lose weight, but if not done carefully, the spell could completely backfire. What you really need is a spell to help give you the strength to make the physical changes you need to to improve your health and to bring you happiness with or without weight loss.

Please remember that most things in Wicca are about the spiritual aspect of our lives and how the spiritual affects the physical. No spell will simply let you drop 20 pounds without changing your eating or exercise habtis. However,t here are spells that will help you find the inner strength to eat better, exercise more or combat whatever personal struggles are preventing you from being healthy. 

Remember, no matter how powerful the spiritual aspect is, you must also deal with the physical to improve your life. Some spells may help with that, but physical work must be doen physically and spiritual work done spiritually.


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  1. SOG knives says:

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    Interesting ideas… I wonder how the Hollywood media would portray this?

  2. Danysse says:

    thank you for this. i looked this up to see if it actually exists and never plan on using witch craft because apparently it’s against my religion and i am not a follower of Wicca. however, i am very opened minded and i hear that if your not careful u can get sucked into the dark arts. i liked the fact that you lectured before giving an answer, i also respect that this is something to take seriously.

  3. Kay says:

    Casting a spell to get yourself to help yourself could be an entirely a psychological thing and have nothing to do with magic. So how do you draw the line?

  4. sandra says:

    I am really interested in learning about the wiccan rede. What or how do you recommend I learn. Since I was a little girl I have always been interested in wicca, but my mom always said it was the devil.For some reason I never believed that; and for that I was always the weird one in my fam growing up. I’ve always been thee most opened minded person in my fam. Ie; with life relationships, sexuality, and religion!

  5. Nina Shrewsbury says:

    hi i am new to wicca i started about a year ago. i’ve never really believed in a control factor such as one particular god and the freeness of wicca has helped me better my spiritual beliefs so much more. i’ve been thinking about my future alot latley and how when i do get married i want a handfastening. How would i accomplish this?

  6. Water Lily says:

    I completely disagree (in my opinion). I have been practicing Wicca for about 2 – 3 years and I have learned that even if you are a catholic you can still follow Wicca. If it is against your religion but you still want to practice Wicca then maybe your religion isn’t the right one for you. Wicca is about having guidance from nature and the gods. Also in my opinion if you mess up a spell it won’t backfire unless it breaks the rules of The Rede. The spell will just simply not happen.

  7. David K says:

    My David i believe in magick very much and i wanna learn the ways of the wise ones and help people around the world its that every time i try doin a spell it dont work and i try really hard and i imagine it just like it saids so please help me ! !

  8. Gray says:

    Hi David try this africa spell caster it works like magic, I lust my weigth lose but you must abide by your your spell rule it you cont then i advise you not to make a spell with this woman ok. contact email/ [email protected]

  9. NorwegianWiccaGirl says:

    For those of you who wish to join the Wiccan faith – do it! At least for a while. You don’t have stick with this religion for the rest of your life. Just try it! :)
    I was afraid that I would regret, but I don’t. I finally found myself.

    Wicca cannot instantly give you the body you dream of, but it will encourage you, help you, give you good ideas… It will take time, but it will be a lot easier with magic.

    I recomend that you make your own spell. The spells you make will be more personal and work better.
    You may think that I am an old woman, but I’m actually a 14 year old girl. Hahah! ;)

    Blessed be!

  10. grace says:

    it costs a lot of money for training but it doesnt cost anything to go to a catholic church. i believe in magic and i want to do it but i cant afford it. you compared it to the catholic religion but its not the same cuz its free.

  11. Mara says:

    I follow witchcraft but I also follow being Catholic, since I was baptised…

  12. clayton says:

    my wife has so much strss right now and she got hurt at work i need to help her please help.i need to make her feel better

  13. clayton says:

    i need a helling curse my grandmom is to far away to get in touch with right now .she is very powerful but i dont have time to intuch with her

  14. orgone says:

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