Is there a spell to make someone go away?

How to make someone leave someone else alone and go their way? I mean there’s this girl bothering my boyfriend, she doesnt know about me and when I tried talking to him about that, he says he’s only having fun chatting with her online (only), but it pisses me off coz one time I checked his conversation and saw something which I did not like. I do not want harm to this girl I just want her peacefully out of my bf chat room/life? I want her to find someone free and available to bother and leave my man alone! Is there a spell or a chant I could use to divert her away? Please help! EVERY HELP IS EXTREMELY APPRECIATED !!! Thank you

Merry Meet Friend, I can understand how frustrating it is when the attention of someone you love is taken away by others. When that other is a person of your own gender, most people get worried, upset or angry. However, it would help you to remember that this is youth, this is romance and in this field there are many people who would get in the way of our relationships. Although it is normal to be angry and want the “intruder” to go away, it is your boyfriend who needs to tell her that. If you begin to control what happens in your boyfriend’s life, he will not appreciate that. The best way is to gently ask him if he is interested in this girl and why he is spending so much time with her. The more you try to draw them apart, the more they may start to miss each other. If it gets to be too much for you, withdraw from this relationship and try to find others who will not insult or play games with you. Remember, if he cheats now, he may certainly cheat after marriage. You will know if your boyfriend is loyal by not giving him or this other girl much attention. When he misses you, he will get bored with that girl (if it was just a crush) and he will return to you. Meanwhile, you can do this spell to attract your soulmate. If this boyfriend is your soulmate, he will return to you. Love Drawing Spell Get a few strands of hair from the one you love. Wrap them around a High John the Conqueror root and make some knots, visualizing your lover embracing you with each knot. Now you have a love charm. Anoint the charm with a love drawing oil. Get a red drawstring bag made of cotton or silk and place the root in it. Carry this bag with you at all times. Sleep with this bag under your pillow. Everyday, anoint the charm with one drop of love drawing oil. Your soul mate will enter your life soon. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. gladys boria says:

    my husband and i have some much problem ever sence his nephew move in with us know he has his own place with his family but thing is getting worse. please help me make him go away pleace help me.

  2. Rena says:

    Is there a stronger make some get the SamHill out of my life? My ex husband was made my ex through his girlfriend and I didn’t think anything about it until things kept happening I went and had my cards read and he told me the whole story about how she put seperation on us and and for us to fight and love, confusion, domination on him to keep him with her and calming b.s. on me so I don’t go balistic on her…I really don’t want to play ping pong magick…can you help me please? She has my money tied up to so I can’t pay anyone to help me. The gentleman who read my cards is teaching me things here and there … but I’m kind of needing something more if nothin more than to get a break from her…

  3. tiff says:

    i need a pell to make someone go away im in a abusive relation ship with a guy that dont wont to be with me but yet he wont leave and everytime he talks about leaving he tries to put the kids in the middle like hes taking them i need someonething that can get him out my house and not harm me or my family he has a bad attitude

  4. I need jessee to move out of our life he constantly steals from us for his sisters and his drug habit I cant go to the police because I dont want my car smashed uk p he stole my gold and the last thing he stole was $250
    .00 that michelle had aside for the electric plus davids power weel that I payed over $400.00for he sold the power weel of a 7 year old he even steals our clothes and has mess ed d up my car in the past help me thank you

  5. rose says:

    Hello Rose
    My name is Rose,born 4-16-1968,I’am 43.Iam married to a man named Michael his birthdate is 10-5-1953.
    We got married November 2 2009,and the thing standing from us being together is mostly his 24 yr old daughter,rebecca She hates me,I’ve been nothing but nice to her.Ive got three girls living with me,my daughters,Sarah 17,Stephanie 19,Cristal 13 and grandson Hayden 2. His grandson son of rebecca] lives with himKyler 2.Rebecca will keep the two yr kyler away from him if I come over or god forbide move-in together.

  6. gabby says:

    does anyone know a spell to make my stepmom and dad leave my life for oh i dont know FOREVER?!!!! email me at [email protected] (if you have the spell if not your message will be deleted)

  7. Laura says:

    Am looking for a simple easy spell too make my step sister move out of the house for good, things are getting too be too much and she needs too go for away please email/message me back as i need her out of my life for good. email: [email protected]

  8. Fernheart says:

    Wow…really? I clicked on this site THINKING I was really going to get a spell I could cast…but instead, I get advice??? If I wanted advice, I would have clicked on DEAR ABBY

  9. marta says:

    i need a pell to make someone go away im in relation ship with a guy that dont wont to be with me but yet he wont leave and everytime he talks about leaving he tries to put the kid in the middle i need something that can get him out my house and not harm me or my family he has a bad attitude…

  10. Ali says:

    Hit the Road spell

    Make a powder by mixing and grinding Black pepper, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, sulphur and sea salt finely

    Make water by allowing iron nails to sit and rust in a covered jar full of spring water.

    Get a square piece of paper and write your target’s name thirteen times on it. Sprinkle the powder on it.

    Fold the paper in the direction away from you.

    Seal with sealing wax.

    Bury this paper in the Earth and mark the spot where you buried it.

    Remember to visualize this person leaving and also mention the phrase “Let this spell not hurt anyone but help him/her to go on to a better loving relationship and realize the mistakes he/she has made” to keep you safe from the three-fold negative returns if any.

    Water the buried paper daily for 13 days with war water.

    On the 14th day, you need to dig the paper up and burn it.

    This spell will enable the person to leave your family at peace.

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