Is there a weight loss spell that works?

Hello, Do you know of any weight loss spells that actually work? Please help me. Ever grateful Karla

Hi Karla-

Gosh, you know, if there were ways to magickally lose weight, I wouldn’t be a plus size witch!! Unless you are unhealthy and truly obese, a better solution is to become proud of your size and celebrate your body. Most people in earth magick aren’t overly concerned with their bodies, and most pantheons teach that women are actually more desirable if they have the “Broque” look.

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  1. roda says:

    hi. i have always wanted to learn everything about witchcraft. i have always believed in the existing power within us. i have always believe that i have that power cause i can feel it. just wanna know how i will be able to find out which power of the four elements do i have? is there such a way to that.

  2. Lala says:

    That is so true!I have tried a few spells to help with my self image and I leanded that If you really want to change your looks(wieght)you have to do it the old school way!!

  3. Kim says:

    Dear weight loss questioners, as you, I’ve struggled with weight. In my search I have found two things that work. 90% is what we put in our bodies, I’ve stopped buying prepackaged “manmade with additives and preseratives that our bodies can not digest, therefore our bodies become unhealthy; weight gain, acne, etc.” 10% is moving your body, walking, bike riding, throwing a ball with your child. Which decreases the stress horomones in our bodies. Yes you can increase weight loss by exercising at gym, but I’ve found just eating a more natural diet has help me suceed. Go back to nature and you as well will surely suceed

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