Is there such thing as having a soul-mate?

Is there such thing as having a soul-mate?

Merry Meet Seeker. What a wonderful question! Of course we have soul mates! There is no doubt about that. However, note that I said soul-mates. Many cultures believe that we have more than one soul-mate. Soul-mates are believed to be spirits who have come into this realm to help us get through a part of life. We incarnate on Earth as human beings, animals or bacteria so that we can go through certain endeavors that we wish to experience. We are indeed spiritual beings having an Earthly experience. Before our incarnation, we have the choice of coming to Earth or any other realm that we wish to experience. As we plan our future on Earth, we may sometimes request other spirits to help us at times when it may be too much to bear. At other times, we may want some of our spirit friends to gather with us and enjoy an Earthly experience. Many people believe that soul mates are spirits who have agreed to help us in some way. To experience Love, for example, we could ask one of the spirits to meet us on Earth at a specified time. They will show up in your life and tada- instant attraction! Love at first sight! Sometimes they get married and enjoy life. At other times, things may prevent them from marrying each other and they experience the pangs of Love without being able to consummate the relationship. Sometimes soul-mates may decide to help you get over a terrible experience that has left your spirit shattered. This usually helps you regain your trust in the human experience. On the other hand, the people who create a difficult experience for you also may be soul mates who had agreed to assist you in this endeavor. As you can see, all souls you see in your journey through life are important in your existence, but those who become close to you are your soul mates. The people/animals who you are attracted to are usually in some way connected to you in your previous life or realm. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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