Is there there a Witchcraft course on the Net?

The course is on the net.? bi cause I am in romania

Merry Meet, dearest Seeker from Romania!

… I see that you are looking for a course in Witchcraft. You are very right about the electronic media being the best way to take courses nowadays. I offer a “Witchcraft Academy in a Box” course, but before I explain that to you, allow me to give you information on the different types of computer based training options available. In this way you will be able to make an informed decision.

Internet Sites: There are a vast number of internet sites available where information ranging from magickal tools through to herbal grimoires are offered free of charge. This is really great on the one hand, because it is readily available and completely free. The down side however is that the information offered is not always correct. And in order to know whether it is, you need to have that knowledge in the first place. It is a bit of a ‘chicken and egg’ situation.

Internet Courses: There are many Academies on the internet that offer courses on the Craft. Normally the introductory course is free. The remainder of the courses is chargeable. The fees at a reputable academy are generally between $20 and $50 per 5 lessons. A comprehensive course will cost you between $500 and $700 eventually. The challenge here is that you get to attend the courses, but never own any of the material presented during the course. It is all online. This means that once the course is finished, you cannot refer back to it. Taking notes can be helpful, but Witchcraft is not a high level subject. The success in Witchcraft lies hidden in the detail. And trust me; ALL witches refer to their materials. That is why we have Books of Shadow. J

My course: The course is authentic and comprehensive, and includes the following:

  • A huge 399-page manual
  • 7 DVD’s containing over 10 hours of Magick demonstrations
  • A 48-page bonus Advanced Love Magick course manual (including a DVD containing 2 hours of demonstrations)
  • A 42-page Hidden bonus Advanced Magick course (including another DVD with over 2 hours of controversial Magick tutorials/demonstrations)
  • A Limited Edition Witchcraft Masters Audio CD bonus (containing over 2 hours of audio interviews with High Level Witches revealing secrets not available anywhere else)
  • An Instant Lifetime Membership to my Inner Circle AND Updates to Mastering the Magick of Witchcraft
  • From time to time there are even more extras added in there.

Please visit for further information.

We ship worldwide, dear Seeker. Inner Circle members can be found in nearly every country on the globe. So, delivering the course to you in Romania will be absolutely no problem at all!

I do hope that this answers your question!

In Love and in Light!

Blessed Be!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Carol says:

    How much does you course cost?

  2. charllê says:

    hi im from south africa and was wondering if u could ship it to me i would like to take a course on witchcraft but i dont really have the net on hand and what it would cost me as the dollar is high where i stay

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