Is Wicca and sorcery witchcraft?

is wica and sourcery witch craft or are all thay the same if thay are the same do thay have an old myth and old history

Merry Meet! Very good question indeed! Of course witchcraft is as old as this Earth itself! Imagine the very first people on Earth. They live alone or in small communities and try to raise their children in a very mysterious world full of natural occurrences that they cannot understand. It must be a scary world indeed. When they hear the thunder or see lightning, when they see the Ocean with its waves or a hurricane in the making, imagine their worries! Even today, as scientists try to understand nature’s actions and reactions, most people assume or believe that there is another power that controls all of these events. Wicca or witchcraft believes that nature can be coerced and controlled by our thoughts and actions. Wiccans believe that we have the power to control and enhance our life through our thoughts and meditation. Women and men were treated equally unlike the newer religions that assume that God is male. The word Sorcery in ancient times often had an evil connotation. Ignorant people, sometimes encouraged by the religious extremists, painted very terrible pictures of witches as though all they did was hurtful and evil things to others. In fact, in the fervor to impress the pope, many witches were killed or burned without even a trial. Many such hurtful acts have been perpetrated on innocent women and men in the name of God or religion. Old myths die hard and it will take a long time before everyone accepts Wicca or Witchcraft as just another religion. History on the other hand depends on who is writing it. Usually, it was the colonialists who wrote history and they certainly showed themselves as civilized and intelligent when they really were mostly ignorant of other cultures and their history and pride. So who can we believe? Wicca is an accepted and growing religion now. Although surreptitious folks would love to put down Witchcraft and older religions, most people in the world are getting smart enough to know the difference. Blessed Be.

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  1. elissa jay says:

    can anyone recommend any good books on witchcraft? i have some by raven grimassi, which are great! i also stumbled upon a site that is helpful as well. im writing a paper on witchcraft for a class im taking. thank you! elissa jay

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