Is Wicca gender-restrictive? How can I believe?

1st question is… Is this practice constricted only to the female gender? And second question is, I really want to believe in sorcery and the possibility of all things magic, but I have been let down too many times by countless failed attempts. I try really hard to believe, but I have hit the wall too many times. I truly believe I possess certain qualities that would enable me to enact magical tendencies, but I’m still unsure. What can I do to go back to believing that anything truly is possible. I am desparate.

Bright Blessings, Seeker!  The practice of Wicca is not gender-restrictive at all.  By that I mean that male, female, gay, lesbian, heterosexual, trans-gender…all are welcomed.  And both male and female Wiccans are called “Witches”; “warlock” is usually used as a pejorative term for witches of any gender, usually harking back to the Old English root word which means “oathbreaker.”  However, words are words and names are names, and each has only the power we give to them.  Nice segue to the next part of your question. 

Without trying to sound like a smart aleck, what is it exactly that you ‘want’ to believe?  If you’re talking about a feel-good, Peter Pan mental flight of fancy without proper grounding, I’m not surprised that you have hit brick walls repeatedly.  While there is great and immutable truth to the “believe and receive” idea, there must always be a true grounding in a faith.  You, sir, are open and ready to learn.  What you must next decide is what it is you wish to learn.

I would suggest that you do some research on the principles of the Wiccan faith to ascertain whether, indeed, this is calling you.  There resides in each of us a great well of possibility; the “trick”, if there is one, is wrapped up in knowledge, practice and (your specialty, sir!) the desire to believe.  Try to find a Teacher in your area who will mentor you though this process, and help you discern if Wicca is the path for you.  May the Light of the Universe help you find your road.

Blessed Be!

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