Is witchcraft against the Bible?

is witchcraft against the bible and if it is will you go to hell for it?

There are some religions that believe the Bible teaches that weithccraft and astrology are evil, but none, so far as I know, teach that it is one of the “deadly” sins, the ones that sentence you directly to hell.

The problem here is that youa re mixing two very different things and a misunderstanding of witchcraft that has existed for centuries. In many cases, witchcraft was simply the study of herbal and non-accepted methods of healing. People who were called witches were often nothing more than very wise people who had studied many things.

In the days when superstition helped to write things like the Bible, people thought anything that was different was evil. That is the first problem you are facing.

The second is a question of if you beleive in Wicca or the Bible or some combination thereof. Most Wiccans do not believe in the concept of Hell because it is a concept from a different set of religions, the Christian faiths.  If you were raised in a Christian faith and wish to continue practicing it with Wicca, I would recommend you check out a website called

This is a Canadian website where people have posted how they reconcile their belief in Hell and the Bible with their Wiccan faith. In reality, many of the tenets of the two religions are somewhat similar, except that many Christians refuse to accept any religion that is different from their own.


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