Is witchcraft bad?

ell, as a practicing witch and a long time member of the faith, my opinion would quite obviously

be, “No, witchcraft is not bad….”
Of course, there are those who would also quite obviously disagree with me. Of course, most of

those people are the same ones who would tell you that any religion that is not the one they

subscribe to is evil and wrong and that you are going to go to hell unless you believe what they

believe, the way they believe it….
So, needless to say, I do not put a lot of stock into what people like that think or believe… as

well, I see no point on wasting my time or energy on mindless bigotry when there are so many better

things I could be doing with my free time (like eating ice cream… just for example)….
Witchcraft, as practiced by the majority of modern witches, is simply a facet of the overall

religion. It is very akin to the rituals performed in any of the more mainstream religions (a

statement which I am certain would make many of the less tolerant members of those faiths have a

fit – but which is still true never the less)….
Is that to say that there are not some people who use witchcraft for their own selfish, twisted, or

possibly even evil ends. Of course not. But again, I think the same could be said of almost

anything in the world. Some people are more than happy to take something good and wonderful and

pervert it….

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