It is ok for a taoist to practice witchcraft?

im a taoist and study the old ways im 14 so i want to be a taoist but iwant to study witchcraft but i dont want to be a wiccan or pagan do ihave to be a wiccan or pagan to study witchcraft because i have a book on taoist sorcery and in the book it calls it witchcraft so can istudy it even though im a taoist

Merry Meet Seeker, Taoism is almost 2 milleniums old. It is one of the most ancient style of witchcraft known to humankind. Taoism is one of the oldest pagan traditions and one which focuses on nature and the relationship of humans with each other as well as the Universe. Taoists also emphasized the importance of breath, health and harmony in the Universe. What better way to live? Of course you can practice Taoism and its methods of witchcraft including divination. Reverence of ancestors, breath control exercises, astrology, martial arts, feng shui and also the chinese traditional medicine methods have been utilitzed in this way of life. What better way to live than in one of the most original ways of Witchcraft? You should consider yourself to be very fortunate to have this background. After the new Earth religions took over the “business” of “controlling” the Universe, most of these amazing ancient routes to knowledge were almost erased from Earth by their influence. Thankfully, we do have pockets of uncorrupted heaven still in many parts of the world which retains these pearls of true wisdom that we can all feast on. Somehow, these secrets of the ancient Earth has survived millennia. Enjoy learning in depth that which is sacred to your culture. If only every culture came forward and together removed all these dividing religions from the beautiful planet! Find out more about your culture, learn from some of the oldest in your family and be a beacon of knowledge for your children and grand children. Be proud of who you are and always know that your ancestral spirits are always with you. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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