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I am a woman of 65. I have been self supporting for as long as I can remember. I have been having trouble with my eye sight, eye spasm the doctor tells me and thre is no cure for three years now. I lost my job about a year ago and haven’t any sucess because of my eyes. Is there a curse put on me that I do not know about? or can a healing spell help me? I am totally desperate….

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is indeed so unfortunate that you are having trouble with your eye sight. I hope you have consulted more than one doctor. Also try to find an eye clinic that will help you gain your eyesight or help you with eye transplant. Lasik also may work in some cases. Hope you can discuss this with all of your friends and acquaintances so that someone can direct you to the correct person you will heal you completely. Do not lose hope.
Here is a wonderful spell that you can do to heal yourself.
Knot Healing Spell
For this spell, you wil need three colors of thread, blue, green and red.
Step 1: First spin the three cords by hand so that they are all twisted together into a cord.
Step 2: Tie one knot on the cord. Remember to focus your intent and desire as you pull the knot tight. Visualize yourself being completely cured and doing all activities that you never dreamed of.
Step 3: For seven consecutive days, make a know on this cord while you visualize getting completely healed.
Step 4: After the seventh knot, bury the cord in the ground in a place where no one goes so that this cord will not be disturbed.
Step 5: Your illness will disapprear as the cord rots.
Brightest Blessings

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