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Hi! I am deaf. I’m 42 years old. I’m still looking for a witch who will help me to reject my sister-in-law. I’m struggling with my depression almost 20 years since she married to my husband’s younger brother. She is very snobby and spoils by herself and her children. She is very popular person! I’m always feeling left out in my husband’s side family because I’m alone deaf person! Many time I wish someone who will kill her or she dies in car accident or something like that! I’ve been researching on website about witch or Wicca or voodoo but I putted my wishes but nothing working!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!! Make me feel good and happy life! Please make her disappear or out my life!! Tell me anything!!! Thank you so much!

Merry Meet,
It is wonderful to hear from you. Of course, in our lives there will always be some discord and ugliness combined with all the wonderful things that we enjoy as a family. One way to keep Melissa from your life is to stop focusing on her. Find a hobby or challenge that you will be able to enjoy such as painting, crafts, joining a meetup group or yahoogroups, etc.
When the focus is away from the thing or person that is distracting you and draining all of your energy, you will be happy and successful. Your mind will become stronger if you don’t waste any energy on such family dramas.
Here is a spell that will help you to deal with any family challenges that may occur:
Knot Healing Spell
In this spell, you will be tying knots which represent your current challenges and later you will untie them to represent your freedom and deliverance from all of these troubles in life.
For this spell, you will need a cotton cord which is long enough to have seven knots on it.
Step 1: Sit by a river or in a sacred place around your home where you will not be disturbed
Step 2: Holding the cord in your hand, make a knot on it while visualizing the first of your troubles in your family
Step 3: Repeat making the knots evenly spaced for each of your worries totalling up to seven.
Step 4: Connect the ends to make a bracelet that you can wear
Step 5: Each day, UNTIE one of the knots and put the bracelet back together to wear it.
Step 6: On the last day, when there is only one knot on the bracelet, remove it the bracelet and unravel the thread.
Step 7: Now throw the thread into running water which goes away from your home.
You should now be safe from all of your worries.
Brightest Blessings.

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