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Hi Rose, I have been fighting an unknown battle with myself in regards to family. I am adopted but I come from a broken home of drug abuse leading to death, prostitution, negativity and anger. I have a brother who is very dear to me he is 3 years older but he is so very lost he is extremly, negative, self consious and just a very angry perosn. I cannot be around him for long as the energy around him is overwhelming! I live a 6 hour flight from him and i just want to help him. I had a healing done on myself as I was informed that their was a family curse on us that has been passed on from my fathers side of the family through my mum and onto us. I seem to be a lot more positive my outlook on life has changed and things are working out well. However my brother is still the same I was told the curse can only be lifted if he came over for a healing… there anything I can do for him being so far away? Regards Roxy

Merry Meet Roxy,
It is wonderful to hear from you. Yes, your outlook on life seems to be a calm, accepting and hopeful one. It is unfortunate that your older brother has not yet come to terms with his past. You may be able to show him the way if he is accepting of your assistance. Here is an old healing spell that will help if you inform him that you are going to work on it for his behalf.
Knot Healing Spell
For this spell, you will need a string long enough to make a bracelet with seven knots on it.
Step 1: Tie seven knots on the string visualizing the negative energy or illness as being transferred into each knot.
Step 2: Complete the circle to make the string a bracelet.
Step 3: Each day, untie one knot while visualizing the terrible energy being dispersed into the atmosphere.
Step 4: On the last day, remove the final knot and sit in deep meditation after reading sacred texts or prayers.
Step 5: Now unravel the threads holding the bracelet and throw everything in running living water that is flowing away from your brother’s home.
As the energy that may have been holding your brother captive disperses into the Universe, he will feel a deep sense of peace and joy which will enable him to see his future as beautiful as he wishes it to be. As the weight on his soul reduces, he will be able to see the possibilities that are ahead in his future.
Brightest Blessings

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