Legal Troubles

Thank you for providing this oppurtunity. My question is that I am a practing Witch who needs extra help with an on going legal matter.(it’s effected my life for 5 years) I have

aqua marine and have been cleansing and maifesting positivty to me. But I am going to exchange evidence to a detective on Fri. I “feel” I should harness the new moon coming up and some how banish

the negative harm coming from this problem. I also feel I should add some sort of protection or a “little” extra to motivate those reviewing the evidence to finally prosecute those who did harm to

me. Here’s the problem – I usually stay away from stuuf like that cause I have never been taught how to properly do it. I tried once and the person forgot to tell me not to blow out a 7 day candle.

I also don’t want to bring more harm. if you have suggestions I would appreciate it with detailed intructions. If it feels right i will select to do so at my own risk. ( my case is literally

fighting city hall because it is a town lawyer and chief that wanted money. I haven’t been able to find reolution any other way. But being force to do so has brough a lot of grief. i want to avoid

binding spells , i do not rellay think they are wise when your homeless. Thank you so much, if i can place a pray for you please place it in your response. Have a good day.

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