i really want to know how to levitate things.i have been dying to know how to levitate things forever.things such as full water bottles,myself,shoes.you know things that are to heavy to be held up by invisible thread and magnets.the biggest thing i want to know is how to levitate things.the other thing is,is it possible to acually levitate things using your mind?or is it just fake?

Hello there my dear, I think you are confusing the concepts of magic with those of prestidigitation… or as it is more commonly called, stage magic. Stage magic is all about deception, misdirection, and illusion. It is meant to entertain and amuse and leave people with a light hearted sense of wonder and awe, while at the same time making them question and peak their curiosity. And really, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. I love a good stage magic show as much as anyone… whether it is someone like Penn and Teller catching a bullet or a busker out on the mall pulling doves from his hat. There is a lot of fun to be had with that type of illusory entertainment. However, that is not the type of magic that I, or other witches of the faith, practice… at least most of us don’t. I suppose there might be a few that practice both types of magic… but that is somewhat beside the point that I am making here…. The type of magics that I discuss here are much more about focusing and channeling the energies of the universe into a productive and beneficial manner that will, hopefully, aid either yourself or another in some endeavor upon which you are engaged upon or striving towards. And so entreating those energies for such trivial parole tricks would be careless and thoughtless at best… and very potentially dangerous at worst.

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  1. Dr. Rose,
    Kindly assat me to practicing Divination, and Healing spells /Dream Interpretation.

    I am a Pastor of a Church/Ministry,since year 2005, but up till now,I find it hard to got members? So many people who have the spirit os Divination find it easy to get members.
    Could you please help me?

    Rev. Frederick Udeh Jacobs.

  2. kitty says:

    wat happens if we break a circle? i’m getting scared…

  3. Chris says:

    My name is chris and for about a year ive been trying to levitate myself or other objects but i couldnt do it to many people post false information about how to levitate objects can someone please tell me how to levitate anything?whether it be a soda can or a human,please email me with instructions of how to levitate anything at [email protected]

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