Losing everything….

“not long ago I had everything Love cars money whealthluck you name it but for the last 3 years to this present dayeverything has gone wrong but what hurts me the most was loosing one of my sons he died in november 2005 my life really went down when that happened now I don’t have friends I find my self alone in this world I wanted to see what kind of advise I could get on how to protect my self from bad people cause I might be wrong but I do believe someone has caused me all these bad things cause a lot of mean people had envy me when I had everything. thank you for your time”

It always hurts to see the things that we have had slip away from us – and well, it is infinitely worse when the thing that has slipped away is a loved one. Losing a child is perhaps one of the most tragic and difficult things that a person can ever endure – and it is not something that I would ever wish for anyone. And well, after suffering such a life altering tragedy, it is often times easier to slip into depression and avoid the rest of the world, rather than have to come to grips with the reality of things and try to pick up the pieces and move on with our lives. Unfortunately, when we insulate ourselves in our own sorrow in this manner, we are often oblivious to the way in which we are treating the others that are still in our lives and how we are pushing them away – even on a sometimes subconscious level. As much as others may want to try to be there for us in our times of need and help us through, even the most stalwart of friend can only offer so much of themselves before they begin to be drawn into the depths of the depression with you – and well, that does no one any good. Is there someone in particular that you feel might be wishing these sorts of miseries upon you? As well, it is one thing to be a bit envious and another thing entirely to actively wish ill on another. If there is someone like that whom you can think of, then perhaps your first recourse should be to address the matter with them.

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