Love Attraction spell

dear rose, my boyfriend used to love me alot.. i even did brkup wit him once but his love pulled me back to him… now i love him like anything but it seems tat he’s losing intrest in me.. is there any spell 2 make him love me more or me to forget him?

Here are a Horseshoe Talisman spell that will make your lover become closer to you: An iron horseshoe Lots of red cotton thread or yarn for wrapping Cardboard for mounting the horseshoe talisman Charms, buttons, beads, love notes, etc to decorate the talisman 1 teaspoon grains of paradise 1 teaspoon of tiny rosebuds 1 teaspoon of cumin and caraway seed 3 cardamom pods 1 vanilla bean Take a nice, long, relaxing bath and sit at the altar where you have gathered all of the above. Sit in deep meditation for a while, visualizing your lover and you in a tight embrace. Now take the red thread and wrap it around the horseshoe completely. While you wrap, think of all you want for your future. Imagine it happening and feel the joy bursting forth within you. Mount the wrapped horseshoe on the cardboard. Using glue, attach the charms, love notes, buttons, etc that your lover may have gifted you. Make tiny pouches of the spices individually and add them to the cardboard backing. Add the rose buds, vanilla, beads, etc. As you make this talisman, keep thinking of your lover and imagine you both laughing, talking and sleeping together. When there is no more space on the cardboard to attach anything else, hang the talisman from your favorite corner of the room to remind you of your lover and to bring him to you. Hope this helps. Brightest Blessings.

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