Love Binding Spell with Mutual cooperation

My life has been very difficult since my husband had a stroke 10 years ago and suffered personality changes. In January 2010 he left home to go after another woman. He had never been unfaithful in 38 years. But she could not destroy the bond that still links us. We have an ambitious project: to buy a B&B in USA and move there for good. In order to succeed we must bury everything and everybody that has harmed our couple. What should I do to erase this woman from his mind, from our lives, recover the trust and bliss we enjoyed prior to his stroke and make a success of our project and be financially and economically rewarded for our hard work, while enjoying good health and the love and support of our families?

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is unfortunate that after so many years of blissful wedded life, you have to go through such trauma. Your husband’s stroke may have affected his emotions and change his perceptions. However, since you both have been married happily for three decades, you can try everything in your power to bring him back to you. This includes binding spells that I usually do not suggest. Here you have a valid reason to get your husband and partner back after living with him and taking care of him and your home for so many years. So here is a mutually cooperative spell that will not bring harm to you, but will also help you live together for the rest of your life:
Binding spell with Mutual Cooperation
For this spell, you will need two red scarves.
Step 1: Both of you wear the red scarf while making love
Step 2: Afterwards, take your scarf and use it to wipe off your husband’s private parts
Step 3: Your husband will have to use his red scarf to wipe off your body
Step 4: Now place the two scarves one on top of the other
Step 5: Roll up the scarves and knot them at both ends while visualizing your future B&B in the USA.
Step 6: Keep the scarfs in a private place
Step 7: Take this love charm outside once a year on your anniversary adn place it under the bed while you make love. This will empower it for another year.
Brightest Blessings

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