Love spell to get the one I love

My names Rayanne, and i wanted to ask if you could help me find a love spell to get the one i love to be with me. Im bisexual so im trhying to get this girl to be with me and nothings worked. I need your help?

Merry Meet Rayanne, It is a great idea to do a spell to get the one we love to come to us and stay. However, there is an important thing we need to remember. The three-fold rule of Wicca states that whatever we to others returns to us three-fold. So if we knowingly try to influence someone according to our wishes, things may not go as we predict. Here is a love spell that will help spice up your relationship to the next level: Spiced Wine Potion Spell Pour three cups of wine into a pot or cauldron. Add a pinch of anise, cloves, rosemary, cumin, honey and orange zest into it. Add two candied violets or candied geranium leaves to it. If you don’t have the candied violets or candied geranium leaves, you may also use the more popular angelica or candied ginger instead. Stir the pot with a wooden spoon while visualizing your love coming into your home and chatting with you. The more intention you put into your visualization, the higher the possibility of your dream coming true. Focus on your desire while you stir and when it starts to boil, allow it to simmer gently by reducing the heat. When the wine starts to steam, turn off the stove and let the potion cool down. Strain the solids using a fine sieve. When it is time to serve the wine, warm it up a little. Pour it into glasses and serve it to the one you love. You could make your intentions known at this magical time. Brightest Blessings Rayanne. Rose.

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