Love spell

is it true that by putting sugar in a little baggie along with a picture and name on a piece of paper that the person that u want to be with will come back to you is that a love spell?

Some love spells include this little procedure as part of the rituals. So this is a part of a love spell, although it is not complete without the witch’s meditation and intense concentration that pushes forth this spell into the cosmic world.

 This may be part of the honey jar spell that was used from ancient times to sweeten or attract a lover. If you’d like to know the rest of the spell, here it is:

First get a jar of honey or sugar syrup with a metal lid. Now get a clean piece of paper and a red pen (red denotes love). Write your intentions on the paper in a circle without taking your pen off the paper. It could be something similar to “Love me Love me Love me”. Remember that this continuous writing should be using the red pen and it should go around the paper in a circle. Now write the complete name of your lover in the center of the circle. Then write your complete name across his name in the center of the circle. Your names should now look like a cross inside the circle of intentions.

Now kiss the paper with all your love and fold it in half. All the while repeat the phrase that you just wrote (your intention). Fold again, repeating the intention. Repeat this folding and chanting until you cannot fold anymore. Now open the lid of the syrup or honey jar and take one teaspoon of the sweet liquid. Savor it in your mouth and enjoy the sweet, delicious taste while repeating the same mantra (Love me, Love me or whatever you wrote on the paper in a circle). Now put the paper in the honey/syrup jar and close the lid tight.

Get a small red candle and light it. Set it on the metal lid of the jar in a safe place. Let the candle burn itself out (watch it and see that it’s safe to keep a lit candle in the room).  Repeat the candle lighting again until your love returns to you. You can use the same jar (do not open it again).

As you can see, it’s not the sugar in the baggie, or the picture/paper that does the magick. It’s a combination of the items, the ritual and your own yearning for your love that will bring him/her to you!

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  1. kim says:

    my boyfriend just broke up with me at christmas and i found out that he was seeing someone else, also when he moved out he left me with alot of remodeling projects we were doing together and left me with them not done plus alot of other expenses his birthday date is 12/12/68 and just wondering whats in stor for him and what will be happening to him i just want to get even with him because he cheated a number of times and he made advances towards my 16 year old daughter he put his hands on her and walk in on her naked a couple of times my birthday is 3/1/64 i just want him to pay for everything he left me hanging with and then on top of it all he open up my sewer dran which almost killed everyone

  2. tochukwu orakweogu says:

    hello am tochukwu by name i want to know how to make spell to make some thing,i want to know all the time whats someone is thinking on to me

  3. roxybby says:

    i began the honey jar spell last night at 12am. all according to instructions, but i had to put the candle out myself. will that affect the outcome? i also began on a waning moon, will that affect the honey jar spell as well? will i have to start over?

  4. kriz says:

    in this honey jar spell, can u also use red candles for just a simple forgive me and call me intention? Lets say the intent is romantically involved with u before. Also I learned from other hoodoo practices that u must also put some personal effects or things belonging to a person of intent and u. Ur spell only include a petition paper, will that make it less effective? Thanks.

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