Luck and Protection

Is it possible? Protection did not work? 2 days ago a man shot eight people, including his wife who was in divorce, in Bucharest, Romania, EU On further research it was discovered that the man had an altar at his home and for two months he begged the Divine to bring his wife back, then snapped. In other news to me did not work any magic yet, but I am absolutely convinced that I will succeed! Some say that December 13, 1963 – my birthday – is very lucky especially this year and for 14 years ahead: it is? Thank you wholeheartedly! Be blessed!

Merry Meet Seeker,
I believe you are a very curious and smart person. Good for you. It was indeed very unfortunate that the guy in Bucharest, Romania who lost his head and hurt so many people in cold blood. I know, these types of incidents may shake our confidence in life. However, there may be many reasons why such things happen to people.
First of all, all of us live by the rules of Karma. Although karma simply means action, it may pertain to anything (or even thoughts) that happened to each individual in this life as well as all of our previous lives. Yes, it is very difficult to fathom how karma works and why we are so much at its mercy. Actually we are not really at its mercy since we can do so many things to benefit ourselves.
Karma is like a bank account that we can manipulate by our behaviors and thoughts. For example, if we did something for the sake of karma, such as giving a poor beggar a big handout (money, food, clothes, etc) EXPECTING to receive good things later, then the payback may not happen! Why? you may ask – because it is our intention that are important to gain good Karma.
We have to naturally become selfless, generous and forgiving. Only when we change our inner world will our outer world respond. So the first thing to do to have a good life is to clean up your thoughts. To be happy, we have to make others happy.
I am not sure what happened there in Bucharest, but I am sure that the woman was lucky to have died (at the time of death, it is believed that there is no pain) and the man who shot all those innocents may already have had bad karma and it may be the reason why his efforts did not succeed. On the other hand, he has collected enough karma for a terrible life in the future. And he may be wondering now why he is suffering so much!
The smartest people are those who genuinely understand Karma and work through it so that their feelings, emotions, outlook, etc will be aligned with the perfect life so that they do no harm to anyone but help others throughout their life. If you have followed such a life, yes, you may have 14 years of good luck!
Brightest Blessings

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