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My family has had horrible luck with money and people, as I grew up I thought maybe it was because of them personally but now that I am an adult myself I seem to face the same bazaar issues and daily conflicts. I want to know if there are any charms, spells or anything of the sort that could restore balance to my life and allow my luck to be normal again.

Merry Meet Seeker,
Here is a good luck spell for you:
Lucky Charm Bracelet Spell
For this spell, you will need a charm bracelet which manipulates the secret power of objects. When this spell is completed, this bracelet will be a lucky talisman for you. You will also need a small charm and a small pink candle. You may add as many charms as you wish and you can designate each charm to have a different goal.
Step 1: Choose a charm that represents your goal. For example, you wish to get a puppy, get a charm that looks like one.
Step 2: On a new Moon day, place this charm near the pink candle
Step 3: Hold the pink candle and charge it with your desire. You may carve words to this effect on the candle with a dull blade or dress the candle with your favorite essential oil. You may even write down your goals to make them more concrete.
Step 4 : Burn the pink candle while you visualize the goal coming to your life. Take your time and go deep into meditation so that your intentions reach the Universe with immense power.
Step 5: When the candle burns out, attach the charm to your bracelet
Step 6: Wear it every day or keep it in a safe place.
Step 7. You may add more charms similarly to the bracelet.
Brightest Blessings

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