Lunar Dream Come True spell

Rose i need help,is there a spell to make your dreams come true?? because i really need it,and its hard living in the same life.i want to have a different life that i could be happy with and that could make other people happy too. if there is a spell that works then i really want it and i’ll thank for ever.

Merry Meet Seeker,
There are many ways to make your dreams come true. One way is to appreciate everything that we already have. Here is a spell that will help you appreciate all you have and enable you to make your dreams come true.
For this spell, you will need a white candle. You may work on this spell on New Year’s Eve or any other day to get its benefits.
Step 1: On a sheet of paper, write down all the wonderful things that you already have in your life. For example, there are millions of people who may not have a home to live in and they may be living on the streets, under bridges etc. Others may not have any relatives and live a lonely life with no friends or loving animals nearby. There are so many people who cannot hear, see or speak. Others may have terrible diseases, may have lost loved ones or have had accidents etc. The goal of this exercise is to see the world around us as it is and to know that we are already blessed.
Step 2: Now carve the candle with your wishes. Write the words for the things you need in your life.
Step 3: At midnight, light the candle and sit in deep meditation contemplating on the Universe and how you can better you chances for love and joy in life.
Step 4: Make a wish and remain seated until the candle burns out.
Brightest Blessings

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