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I Have Been To Doctors left & Right, & Have Gotten the Same Answer. I need to Do IVF to Have a baby because My Husband Has bad Swimmers & not enough & I Have eggs that are older ( Im now 41 years old & have been trying to have a baby for well over 5 years. I Do not have the kind of money that is required. I have learned that the total costs is around 21 thousand dollars. the problem is that i have no bank account, so cannot take out or get any loans to have a baby. Is there a Spell I Can Do to Concieve a healthy baby? I no longer have hope of ever getting the kind of money to Seek out another professional & our insurance does not cover IVF. or Doctors cost. So I was hoping.. Maybe before menopause sets in, There was a Strong Spell to Absolutly help us become parents? This is very heartbreaking, & if i thought we could adopt… we would have but again.. we have tried everything.. Is it even in the cards for us? or will I Forever become more bitter that I Cannot Control What i need the most. To Be a mom. I Have Become So Depressed I Now never leave the house.. Its too much to see all those happy famlies

Merry Meet Seeker,
I can understand the difficulties that couples have when they really, really want to have a baby. Currently, you are only thinking about the baby and not how much it will cost to bring one into your life. However, a baby through IVF is costly and you will certainly have less money to help raise the baby with. So you need to make a decision. I will give you a spell that may help you conceive. However, if by a certain time that you have planned for (say 1 year) you have not conceived, adoption may be a wonderful alternative. Here is a spell that will help you conceive:
Lunar Feritlity Spell
Work on this spell as soon as you see the sight of the New Moon.
Step 1: At the sight of the Goddess, speak to her of your worries, troubles and disappointments
Step 2: Describe the fact that although the Goddess is a tiny sliver now, She will quickly fill out and grow, charged with the powers of creation.
Step 3: Tell her that you wish to be like her and would love to get pregnant with a beautiful, healthy child inside you who is also growing fast.
Step 4: Take as much time as you need to explain to her how eager you are to become a mother and to have someone to hold and kiss and take care of for life.
Step 5: Visulize you becoming pregnant and thank the Goddess for helping you reach your goal. Request her blessings to have a safe pregnancy and an easy delivery
Step 6: Add that you wish to have a child with a round, Moon face! :)
Step 7: Go home and make love.
Brightest Blessings.

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