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dear rose, i’d like to know where i can get all the ingredients needed when i cast the spell. i also want to know how i can get a simple money spell and protection spells. i’d like to get your magick box, but i can’t afford it right now. i’m out of work for almost 2 years. thank you benita

Merry Meet Benita,
Here is the spell you need:
Rose Ariadne’s “7 Night Spell” For Wealth And Prosperity

What you need:

* A green candle (preferably a “7 knob candle, but you can do it with any good-sized regular green candle)

* A charm bag (can be any small leather bag…avoid plastic…)

* Cinnamon oil

* Jasmine flowers

* A quartz crystal

* A small box (I like to use a wooden box…but you can use a cardboard box if you wish…)

* Sea salt

* A dollar bill

* 7 coins of any denomination

STEP 1: On a Saturday night, setup a basic altar with anything that represents money to you. (i.e. spread coins and
dollar bills on it… use green, silver or gold colors on your altar…)

STEP 2: Anoint your green candle with
cinnamon oil.

STEP 3: Light the candle.

STEP 4: Fill your small box with sea salt.

STEP 5: Place the quartz crystal in the box and bury it in the sea salt to purify it’s energy.

STEP 6: Place the dollar bill, coins, and jasmine into your charm bag.

STEP 7: Let your imagination run wild as you think about what life will be like when your finances are what you want them to be.

STEP 8: Allow the candle to burn down one seventh of the way. If you’re using the 7 knob candle, let it burn down 1 knob.

STEP 9: After it’s burned down one seventh of the way (or one knob), open your circle, and leave everything
on your altar, just as it is.

STEP 10: Burn down another one seventh of the candle every night while you imagine and dream of the prosperity
you’re about to attract.

STEP 11: On next Thursday night, once you’ve let the candle burn down almost all the way, and there’s just one more
night to go, transfer the crystal, jasmine, dollar bill, and coins from the salt in the box, to your charm bag.

STEP 12: On Friday night, draw a hot bath, and place the sea salts from inside your box in the bath.

STEP 13: Light the candle one last time.

As it burns all the way to the bottom, and as you bathe, repeat this phrase:

“Prosperity infuses my being.”

STEP 14: After your bath, remove the crystal from the charm bag and massage your body with it…especially the back
of your legs.

STEP 15: Keep the crystal stored in your charm bag with the jasmine, dollar bill, and coins. Keep it near your bed.

Now THAT is one powerful spell…and
while it requires a few more items
than the spells I normally send you,
they’re all easy to come by.

For best results, make sure to have
a strong connection with Magick.

Brightest Blessings

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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