Magick – How safe is it?

is magic safe

Merry Meet Seeker!

Mmmm. I have had some really good questions of late and yours is both valid AND good.

The answer is ambiguous. It is “depends”, but don’t worry, I am going to explain this vague answer properly.

Magick is safe when:

  1. You have been trained to properly clear the space, to cast a circle (protective barrier), to call the quarters correctly and yes! etiquette.
  2. Your intent is pure.
  3. You have properly planned your magick spells to ensure that it is not going to harm anyone or anything in its manifestation. In other words real White Magick.

Magick is unsafe when:

  1. You are dabbling without knowing what to do when.
  2. Your intent is dubious. In other words, you intend harm or intend manipulating free will.
  3. You have not carefull thought through the possible repercussions of a spell on those things and beings around you, resulting in harm being done in the manifestation of the spell.

White magick can become grey magick and then black magick, so always take absolute care. Here is a classic example:

Joan needs money. She performs a spell to obtain money. A perfectly acceptable white magick practice. However, she does not specify where she wants to obtain the extra money from i.e. increase at work, a better paying job, winning the lotto etc. This makes her spell grey. The very next week her mother dies and she inherits money. This makes her spell a black magick spell.

Magick in itself is neutral. It is YOUR intent that will decide whether it is dangerous or not. Whatever you put out when performing Magick will return threefold, dear Seeker. If you put out negatives, expect negative times 3 (at the very least). If you put out positives on the other hand, you can expect it to return to you charged with all the bountiful Good the Universe can offer.

Enjoy your magick! It is a beautiful gift if practiced correctly.

Love, Light and the Brightest of Blessings to you.


Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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