Marriage: Common Sense, No Spells

i am married to a man who i have hated since forever i got married for financial reasons and he thinks of me as his property and i dont i am a scorpio and i want to find my true love and i know he is not it is there a spell i can use to make him go away and leave me alone or divorce something please help!!!!!

Hon, I don’t know if spells are going to be of much help here.  Maybe something that WOULD help is laying out the facts as I see them, extrapolating from what you’ve told me.

First off, you say you hate your husband, and that you married him for financial reasons.  Did you tell him this before you married him?  If not, that is a breach of trust in itself, and contrary to the Wiccan Rede, “An’ it harm none, do what ye will.”  You married him for money, he now treats you like property.  It seems to me that the Three-fold law  has come back to you and bitten you on the heinie, dear.  Of course, he will also reap what he has sown.  The question now is, what can you and what should you do about your relationship?

From my angle, and it is admittedly an obtuse angle, it seems like you both entered into this relationship for all the wrong reasons.  And no, you are not anyone’s “property”, you belong to yourself.  Is he being physically abusive to you?  If so, you don’t need a spell, you need to get the heck out of Dodge and to a women’s shelter right now!!  Your personal safety must come first.

After that, my suggestion would be to find a good attorney, and go about ending this charade.  After this marriage is over, then you really need to take some time to look inside yourself.  Try to figure out why you were willing to trade your personal autonomy for financial security.  Once you’re willing to look inside, you should do a cleansing spell to clear out all the negativity from this bogus marriage. 

It’s only when we are comfortable with who we are and what we believe that we may even think about trying to find true love.  Wicca is a religion and a way of life, a way of thinking.  It is not a shortcut on the long path of our lives.  Know yourself, dear one, before you try to truly love another.

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