Mega Memory

Hello dear Rose,I am you student.can you help me in this?I realy work hard to learn my school lessons to score more marks in my exams.but the problem is i can’t remmember what i study.i like to learn more things apart from my school lessons like magic,witchcraft and other amazing things which are unknown i want to learn more and remmember all whatever i learn. can you help me by providing me any easy spell to improve or increase my memory power?I trust to you soon.I need your BLESSings.

Hello there my dear,

Having a better memory… well, that is something we would all like very much… myself included….

Sorry, but I don’t have a spell for that in particular… but I do have a general blessing that might help….

A Blessing
A simple candle spell….
You will need:
One White Candle
Blessing Oil
A Bolline or Burin

Carve the name of the person to be blessed or your own name on the candle and dress it with the oil. For the next seven days burn an equal part of the candle, snuffing it out after these words 9or similar) have been spoken:
“May nothing ever harm you.
May love be yours to give and take.
May nothing ever alarm you.
May wealth be yours to make.
May your health be good and your mind strong.
May your friendships be the best.
May your heart be strong and your life long.
Dear (Insert name here), may you be blessed.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

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