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hi … my name is pavan…. i want to have sex with my aunt…. she is looking very beautiful to my eyes…. is there any spell to make her get attracted towards me so tat she should only come towards me and ask for sex….. i am very much interested in her… sexual desire should increase in her for me…..


Practitioners of Wicca believe above all else that nothing you do should ever bring harm to someone else. What you are wanting to do is extremely harmful to your aunt, whom you claim to care about, and cannot end well. No one who practices Wicca would help you with such a thing!

In virtually all societies, incest is considered a crime. By using magic to force your aunt to act on sexual feelings towards you, whether she has them or not, you are most certainly endangering her. You would be making her commit a crime and possibly violate her own morality.

In addition, Wicca does not promote the use of magic to force someone to have sex agaisnt their will. That is called RAPE and  no religion that promotes love and faith would ever be willing to help you with such a thing.

If your aunt is interested in you and it will not harm either of you or other people, then what is supposed to happen will happen. Using a spell to force the issue is against the very principals of the Faith.

Have you considered how this type of spell would affect her? Did you think about how it would hurt her? Or your parents, if they found out?

It is very natural for a young man to find the women he cares about sexually attractive, but what you are asking is wrong and not fair to your aunt. If you love her, put aside these feelings of sexual attraction and find someone who is not a relative that you find equally as attractive. Then, go about hooking up in the right way–without a spell that takes away their free will.


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  1. rod says:

    hi im rod,…..my cozin was hipnotized and dont know where she was…dont even talk and loose conciousness,…can u pleased teach me how to learn hipnotizm???e’m just curious how it work on one person without knowing who,where she/he is…

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