Money Miracle Spell

I need a money miracle fast could you help please? mary

Merry Meet Mary,
Of course I can understand those days when we desperately need some cash for an emergency. It is best to plan ahead for these things and give to charity, help others who are disadvantaged or penniness when we have money so that when we need it, money will arrive from surprising sources. You can work on the following spell to get money but remember to share some of it so that the flow of money continues in your life as well as in the life of others who you have helped. Money and happiness does not stay stagnant, it is all about paying it forward.
As people who require money do not want to spend much on spell working, here is a simple and ancient spell that will bring you what you need.
Money Miracle Spell
For this spell, you will need one whole raw egg, a small green candle, a piece of paper and a pen. Also needed is a bit of finely ground, powdered parsley or basil.
Step 1: On the piece of paper, write down your exact goal. It has to be exactly what you need to get over this financial hurdle.
Step 2: Take the egg and carefully remove the top end with a small knife. Remove the contents and use it for your meal. Don’t forget to thank the hen that laid it.
Step 3: Wash the inside of the eggshell carefully.
Step 4: Fold the paper in which you wrote your goal as tiny as you can.
Step 5: Gently insert the paper into the eggshell.
Step 6: Also add the powdered parsley or basil
Step 7: Now cover the hole in the eggshell with some of the melted green wax.
Step 8: Bury the egg in your yard or in a pot in your home. Grow basil or parsley over it if you wish.
You will get the money you need. Don’t forget to share it with others.
Brightest Blessings.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. 8 of god says:

    As magic will not work as you give all false hope to peoples dreams and talk of fantasys if some one sales ones soul to the beast they have nothing. god has a plan for everyone as i have power to give by the power of jesus gods magic over welms evil magic ask god for money you may find it as i did i said to the devil show your self he didnt show like a coward. I asked god to show he did as white stork as strange as the world is its best to be good as if you are pure you can have wild animals come to you. i ask to see the real powerful magic you offer not a false sense of hope. ;)

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