My family promised to help pay my ticket, now they won’t! Can I use Magick to help?

My name is frank i hail from the federal Republic of Nigeria in the west African sub region.
I am faced with a very big financial set back now, which is dragging me to the mud now.
I am due to leave my country in search of greener pastures in Czech Republic in Europe. I have paid my agent half the amount I was charged for my visa and air ticket. My friends and relations aid they would help me in obtaining the money. They agreed from the onset, but right now that I am due to travel, they have refused to give me the balance so I can pay up and travel.
I don t really know what to do, I need an answer or a solution with which to tackle the issue now because I am running out of time
What are the necessary measures to be taken to ensure that my friends and family give me the amount I need to make this trip of mine a success.
Yours faithfully,

Hi Frank-
My first question would be why? Why have they decided not to give you the rest of the money? Is it about trust? Fear? When working magick, its best to have a very precise reason for doing what we do. A spell to make them do what you want will probably backfire, as most spells for personal gain do. A better spell would be for them to gain an understanding of why you feel you need to move to greener pastures. An empathy spell might be of some assistance with your need, but it would help to know the reasons behind their decision. A basic empathy spell is as follows:

A gold taper candle

Scraps of gold paper, and a gold gel pen if you can easily get one. If not, a simple lead pencil will do just fine. Write the names of the people you feel you need empathy from on the scraps of paper and dig a small hole in the yard, or somewhere where it won’t get dug up anytime soon. Bury the papers and light the candle. Place the candle in the mound of freshly dug earth and meditate on your family and friends until the candle is burned at least halfway down. I use very short 2-3″ tapers available at occult shops ( and most incense stores) for these kind of meditation spells, as they don’t take as long to burn as full length tapers but burn longer than birthday candles, which are too short. The best time to do this outside is, of course, in the light of the moon, which has the most empathy power of all of the planets.

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