My friend is cursed….

Ok we think my frend got cursed with the evil eye. What do we do to get rid of it?

Hello there my dear, Here is a spell that I have found helpful in dealing with ill magics in the past…. A Spell to Counter Another’s Magic If, for some reason you believe that another person is using magic in order to adversely affect you in some way, you can make use of this simple spell to remove their negative influences. What you will need: Two teaspoons of almond oil Rosemary essential oil A mixing bottle A sheet of white paper A black ink pen A white altar candle A purple taper candle A fireproof bowl Place three drops of the rosemary essential oil and the two teaspoons of almond oil in the mixing bottle. Charge the mixture by rolling the bottle between the palms of your hands, focusing your thoughts on the purpose of your spell-weaving as you do so. Set this aside. Light the white candle, focusing on the flame. As you do this envision whomever is responsible for the negative influence upon you growing smaller and smaller within the confines to the flame. Anoint the purple candle with the charged oils, drawing the oil away from you as you do so. This will help to redirect the negative influences away from you as well. Now set this candle aside. On the white paper write the words, “All blocks are now cast aside.” Fold the piece of paper in half three times. Now light the purple candle and use its flame to set fire to the folded paper. Place the lit piece of paper into the fireproof bowl. Focus on the flames, repeat the following aloud three times: “As this paper burns away, Elements please hear me pray, Turn back the ill will sent to me, And send it on its way.” As the flame dims, see the ill dissolving with them, then bring the session to an end by smothering the flame the rest of the way.

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  1. vimi says:

    my husband fall in love with my friend both have betray me but now my husband dont want to seperate with me and me also i love my husband and he want to seperate with that girl he told me to help him so i want a spell to seperate my husband wiz that girl and my husband will love only me. thanks

  2. cesar m. plaza says:

    My ex wife and I have been divorced for about 7 months and someone told me that she has casted a spell on me. Things have been very bad for me ever since I lefted I have remarried and its affecting our relationship. Please can you help me ? Cesar

  3. Rebecca says:

    When he was a young teen, my boyfriend had practiced Aleistar Crowley’s magick spells and he’s been hearing voices ever since. He feels that he’ll be cursed forever. What can he or I do to end this affliction?

  4. Rebecca says:

    When he was a young teen, my boyfriend had practiced Aleistar Crowley’s black magick spells. As a result, he’s cursed with hearing voices. How can he or I remove this affliction?

  5. evelyn says:

    i need help in bringing my husband back we were together for 9 years up to someone one of his family member did a spell to seperate us now he dont call me or come to my house anymore is like she have him block from coming to me i try calling him but he get mad and say bad things to me but i know he still love me and i to i have try everthing but nothing seen to work is like the spell this person did is strong how could i brake the spell tell me i want me husband back please

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