My husbands ex has put a curse on us, how can I stop this curse?

One of my husband s exs is a wiccan but I truly wished that she would follow the first rule. She has told my husband in the past that she d cast a love spell on him & I do believe that she had placed a curse on us so that we would break up. She is the type that one must steer clear of. She s a hypocrite to the faith. However, Do you have any ideas what I can do to stop this?

It sounds like she doesn t understand what it means to be an ex . I may have a couple of suggestions. The first is a simple spell to undo a love spell. Most of the things I found were to get rid of your unwanted love, so this seemed more appropriate for your situation. And then, I found a spell to separate yourself from a problem or person. Seems that she fits under problem and person.


You need:

- Picture of both parties together or write the names on a piece of paper

- A burning dish Cut the paper between the two of them and say: As I cut their tie let the bond between them be broken

Burn both halves of the paper apart. Say: As I burn the tie let the bond be ever severed. So Mote it be!

Thank the deities and dismiss the circle if you have used one. At last, bury or scatter the ashes. (If other words seem like a better fit, for you, then make the changes. Remember you need to do this more than once.)


A larger problem may require a full ritual instead of just a circle.

You Need :

- 2 black candles

- a long black ribbon -

black gloves

- scissors

- cauldron containing small amounts of alcohol

- a silver bell

Cleanse and consecrate all the items, and dress the candles (send negative energy away)

Light the candles and hold both ends of the ribbon and name each end.

Pass the silver bell over the alter several times until you feel the universal energies of love and peace.

But, anger is not a luxury afforded to you in the situation. Put the black gloves on and say:

Call upon the energies of Universal balance
Call upon the ancient energies of my people
Call upon the living energies of the underworld and heaven
Land and sea, awaken these energies unto me.
I now renounce and sever and Break bonds and connections with ________
By the powers of the Power
May the great sisters of Karma weave and separate me from you
So mote it be

Cut the ribbon and say:

‘It is so.”

Light the cauldron, and burn both the pieces of ribbon. Again, adjust the words is something else seems more appropriate for you personally.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. morgen says:

    hi i think there is a curse on the women in my family, i think there has always been one. it affects the children. my mothers, mothers, mother. had miscaridges & alot of bad luck. my mothers mother last child died at ten. my mothers oldest child now has Skitzophrenia & bad things keep happening to our family, not just individually like the whole family…. at once.
    if i am cursed how do i fix it especially if i don’t know where it originally came from… i remember my grandmother saying that our ancestors from the first fleet had 13 children & a tree fell on their twin girls & killed them…………

  2. John says:

    Ok, so i dont believe in this stuff, first off….but things have happened, bad things, now i believe its just my mind telling me these things are real because sub-concisely i really want to believe something out there is talking to me. I feel, I have the 13 curse, the crows, the black cats the lot everywhere all the time, the bad luck, b b bad, so how do i lift the 13 curse please!

  3. Jen says:

    Did you ever try these spells and did they work? I’m in the same situation.

  4. carol says:

    I want to know how come my husband wont make love you

  5. Miranda says:

    When my mom and my aunt were younger they desided to prank call a physic,all the boys in the family were camping and the physic started saying she was going to put a hex on them and the family. Well ever since then the men in my family have died. I am one of the prank callers daughters and i have 2 younger brothers. If anyon can please tell me how to get rid of this hex for the sake of my brothers PLEASE let me know ASAP. Thank you.

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