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Hi Rose, I know you can’t use a spell and interfere with another persons free will.

But can you make someone (an x husband for instance) realize how badly he treated you and is

still treating you. You see, my x is the kind of person who takes no blame for anything and

thinks he can do no wrong and blames me for everything that went wrong in our marriage. Of

course I made mistakes which I apologized for and really meant it and wanted to make things

work. He left, and hurt me really bad because his leaving came from nowhere. Even so, when he

needed me I was there for him and his family in the end but he wasn’t there for me and my

family. It’s like he used me and threw me away. Using anything as an excuse never to speak to

me again. The main reason I think is because he would have to admit his mistakes and he just

cannot do that. Is there a spell that would make him realize how badly he treated me and my

family and be able to take responsibility for those mistakes the way I did mine? I really need

closure on this. He doesn’t want me but he won’t help me pay for a divorce because he lives in

another country and is free there. Can you help me? Thanks so much

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