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Merry Meet Seeker,
There are many forms of astrology around the world. Most of them pertain to the lives of humans so that they can live in peace knowing what is coming up in the future. Most people are aware of Vedic astrology which was formulated by the ancient Rishis in the Himalayas. Most of their predictions if not all of it have come true. Many people use this profound science to enable a safe and happy life.
Western forms of Astrology, Chinese astrology and other various forms of peering into the future have been tested and approved. One important aspect of all of these sciences is that some people who are very intelligent can easily predict our future while there are many others who may just take our money and leave us in darkness.
Nadi Astrology has been around for centuries or maybe even longer than that. Just as the Vedas taught the population about ways on how to live, where to live and how to interact with others, Nadi astrology, a very ancient form of astrolgy is helping a lot of people eager to find their past or their future. Using just the thumb impression, a nadi astrologer can easily tell you all about your previous life, how you lived and died and who were your brothers and sisters and a above all, how you need to learn and change for this life.
No one knows who “wrote” the marks that are on the leaves, but many people have come back knowing a lot more about themselves than when they began their journey of discovery. However, since it looks like South India is full of these nadi astrologer, make sure that you go to a good one and not get cheated by a charlatan.
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